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Spellbound Issue 11

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Revenge Of The Black Swan

Sing A Song Of Terror

Whisper, Whisper...

Date:December 4th, 1976

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 3
Polly returns keys and finds her room has been searched, she also finds the secret passageway and discovers a woman in the attic who seems disturbed and speaks about the faces in the locket.
Page 3

Revenge Of The Black Swan
Karen goes to stay with her Aunt Adele but when she arrives she sees a black swan and everyone in village ignores her and she finds house deserted with a note saying her Aunt has gone to help the village from a great evil. That night she dreams of villagers asking a black swan for help and when she wakes it is outside her window.
Page 8

Sing A Song Of Terror
Carston Girls' Choir win a competition and go on tour but their teacher is replaced by an evil-looking stranger, Madame Sabbatha, who uses her scarlet star to bewitch them although understudy Sally is only partly under her spell. She teaches them a new song and places a star at the base of new Tunchester Glass Tower and when they sing that night the tower collapses.
Page 12

The Deadly Violins (Supercats)
The crew land their shuttlecraft 'Kitten' on planet Charos but it is faulty so Electra and Helen stay to fix it while the other two explore and become hypnotised by two dolls playing violins, but they rescue them and destroy the dolls and their leader.
Page 16

Whisper, Whisper... (Damian Darke)
Marcia buys a cottage and hangs an old mirror she finds in the attic but some days later she is discovered tortured by constant whispering because the mirror is cursed, a friend fixes the problem by giving it to an old lady which Marcia thinks is evil but then discovers the lady is deaf and will not be bothered by the curse.
Page 22

The Ghost Of Haunted Heath
Kate is forced to marry unhappily and with her horse Satan becomes a highwayman when her husband is away, but gets arrogant and is shot during a robbery, she dies before she can make it home and now haunts the heathland.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 11
Celia tells Anne the truth and they trick Armida with a fake necklace and use Ruth to have Vandermast caught trying to steal it and Miss Redding calls the police but Armida arrives in disguise instead.
Page 29