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Spellbound Issue 10

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Date:November 27th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 10
Miss Brisson uses the mummy to steal the treasures from police station but Jenny convinces the mummy that she is just trying to steal them, the mummy uses her gaze to explode Miss Brisson and the police find the mummy and all the treasure safely and think Miss Brisson has run away.
Page 3

The Night The Stars Went Out
Narrator is nurse to Captain's daughter on a ship, she is scared of his black slave, that night the ship is attacked by his people and they are all taken prisoner, as she leaves the ship she sees its name Marie Celeste and suspects they will never be found or seen again.
Page 7

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 2
Polly falls into the garret room unconscious but a shadowy figure moves her and when she wakes she finds herself at outside the room at the foot of the stairs, Miss Gaunt comes to investigate and Polly hears her talking to someone in the room, later she steals Miss Gaunt's keys and investigates but finds nothing as at the same time someone is searching her room having used a secret panel to get out, Miss Gaunt wakes and realises her keys have gone.
Page 10

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 10
The ring does not reappear but Laura's dad vanishes and she finds he has fallen down the stairs at the hall, she puts the ring back on of her own accord and goes to do the concert, lightning strikes the hall as before but she refuses to leave Ellen to die and the ring melts in the fire, Ellen is saved, Wanda's presence vanishes, and Laura goes back to being the assistant while Ellen plays and only playing piano for fun.
Page 13

The Doomed Ones (Supercats):Part 2
Electra convinces her family to bathe in the lake which ripples with electricity, and they regain some strength, they describe the aliens to the crew who realise they were giant germs and disinfect the planet, returning them to their forms, Electra tells the crew that it felt the same to be old as young.
Page 16

The Denvers In Danger (Damian Darke)
Julia and her brother Tom are close after their parents die from falling off a cliff, she finds herself on the same cliff and he rescues her, despite being miles away in London where he thinks he sees her fall from a train platform and then vanish, they decide that living people have ghosts that can help each other too.
Page 21

Lonely Lucy:Part 10
John saves Lucy and returns her to the Hall, the nurse recognises her bangle too, that night she dreams of her mother, and then finds a portrait of her in the Hall and overhears the nurse talking to John who reveals he is her father but abandoned her when her mother died, she tries to run away but falls from the walls and he rescues her again and agrees to give up his life of crime if she will stay with him.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 10
There is a gust of wind and Anne swaps the poems and Celia wins first prize, Ruth tries to steal the poem back but they turn the sprinkler on her, Mr Vandermast tries to get Anne's necklace but Celia tips a tray of drinks on him causing him to knock over the tent they are in and Miss Redding decides she must be expelled.
Page 29

The White House
Narrator Julie investigates a white house that gives her feeling she has been there before, she observes a family in which the daughter is horrid to her stepmoster but they cannot see her, she leaves to go back to her house feeling sad and encounters her own stepmother who she calls mum and her face lights up.
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