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Spellbound Issue 1


Date:September 25th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks
Jenny gets a new job at museum with dour Miss Brisson who warns her away from the Egyptian section. One day she finds the mummy's case open and that night investigates a light and finds the mummy alive.
Page 3

Spectre From The Flame (Damian Darke)
Jane feels strangely about a mysterious silver candle stick at the antiques shop where she works, when they are burgled it conjures up the ghost of a judge who scares away the thief.
Page 7

The Secret Of Silver Star
Debbie's father Dick Thorpe has high hopes for his horse Star but after sabotage he is injured. John gets the blame and is fired. His girlfriend Chris becomes friendly with his replacement Steve. Debbie's dad won't rehire John despite her pleas. Star needs to be put down and so Ginger fakes this and she and Debbie hide him ina cave in the woods.
Page 10

Nightmare (b)
Narrator Angie has nightmares about a mansion and animal, when her family go to view a new flat it is the same place and she screams, curing her muteness.
Page 14

Supercats Meet The Sun God (Supercats)
The crew crash on an ancient egyptian planet and Helena is nearly sacrificed to the sun god but they use their powers to escape.
Page 16

The Haunting Of Laura Lee
Laura plays piano at a mysterious house her dad is caretaker for, and a ring appears on her finger, when she plays at home later it is like she is possessed.
Page 21

I Don't Want To Be A Witch
Celia wants to go to boarding school but her aunt wants her to learn to be a witch and plays tricks to try and get her to come home.
Page 24

Lonely Lucy
Lucy's parents die and she is taken to a cruel orphanage by her mean aunt and uncle who make her ride outside the coach, but a highwayman mugs them and reverses this. She runs away from the orphanage and meets the highwayman again.
Page 28