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Sandie Annual Issue 1977


Date:January 1st, 1977

The Gentle Heroine (Famous Women)
Page 3

Pat Of The Dolphins
Page 10

The Lonely Queen (Famous Women)
Page 20

Mystery Mill
Page 22

Jane Eyre's Wedding Day
Page 40

She Served Mankind (Famous Women)
Page 44

Gypsy Girl Jo
Page 50

Lorna Of The Outlaw Doones
Page 70

Miss Barrett Of Wimpole Street (Famous Women)
Page 74

Princess Of The Pyramids
Page 81

Daughter Of The Revolution (Famous Women)
Page 106

The Mystery Of The Wax Museum
Page 110

A Queen For Nine Days (Famous Women)
Page 122

The Loyal Lady (Famous Women)
Page 126