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Sandie Issue 11

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Bonnie's Butler

Brenda's Brownies

Friends And Neighbours

No-One Cheers For Norah

Date:April 22nd, 1972

No-One Cheers For Norah:Part 11
Page 2

Slaves Of The Sorcerer:Part 3
Page 5

Wee Sue:Part 11
Page 8

Brenda's Brownies:Part 11
Page 11

Friends And Neighbours
Anne and family move into new house and have trouble with neighbours who they think are pretending it is haunted, but turns out old tramp has been sleeping in shed and they all become friends
Page 12

Silver Is A Star:Part 11
Page 15

Not So Lady-Like Lucy:Part 11
Page 18

Odd Mann Out:Part 11
Page 22

The School Of No Escape:Part 11
Page 25

Wendy the Witch:Part 11
Wendy walks her neighbors dog. When a bully mocks how small the dog is, Wendy uses magic to make it grow in size, and chase the bully.
Page 29

Sandra Must Dance:Part 11
Page 31

Bonnie's Butler:Part 11
Page 34

Anna's Forbidden Friend:Part 10
Page 37