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Misty Holiday Special Issue 1980


Date:July 1st, 1980

Night Train To Nowhere!
Deidre and family move into old railway station (‘lots of people are buying old railway stations to live in these days’) but on first night she is pushed onto a train full of skeletons and then finds herself in a warzone – they find her wandering in the marshes next day and it is revealed that WW1 trains did go through there; family decide not to buy the place.
Page 3

A Weird Wedding Party
Baron forces his daughter to marry although she is in love with an outlaw who attacks the wedding hunting party, but it goes wrong and she is killed too, Baron sees ghosts of them all
Page 10

The Green Children
Tale written by monk Gervase – Family find green children in the fields and believe they come from Merlin’s Land [Misty stresses fact/fiction problematic in intro ‘It’s not easy to tell where fact ends and fiction begins’ raises questions in epilogue ‘Where did those children come from, I wonder? Was it from under the ground?... Who knows?’ double framing tale]
Page 13

Wrong Number
Uncle Ernie gives Tina mysterious calculator she deduces it is predicting school bus will crash so delays the trip, and their route is indeed bombed, but he says he only programmed it to spell her name
Page 16

What A Catch
Bookended by Misty – Jenny bets her dad she can catch a bigger fish than him, ends up saving a pirate party’s stuff from being stolen and they reward her with a giant stuffed whale to win her bet with – dad addresses audience in penultimate panel ‘better pay up or she’ll be thinking up some other nightmare scheme’ [misty casts doubt on tale at start and end - ‘Fishermen are famed for their tall stories so you never quite know whether to believe them or not’ ‘Ever heard a taller fishing story than that’]
Page 22

Miss T:Part 1900
Page 25

The House That Waited...
Anonymous narrator, finds cat (Grumblestiltskin) and turns out he is familiar to a 300 year old witch in house who wants to trade places with her – cat attacks her but she gets away and next day he is dead, but story ends ‘But one thing worries me. They do say cats have nine lives, don’t they? I know Grumblestiltskin is dead and buried, but I am just a bit afraid that one day he’ll come for me again.’
Page 26

In Black And White...
Mean, shoplifting Jenny finds camera makes people disappear and uses it to get revenge on lots of people, but then cops ask questions and when camera at station jams they decide to use hers ‘oh no…no!’ bad ending
Page 34

The Fair Fiend Of Dunstanburgh (True Ghost)
Sir Guy vows to rescue a ghostly woman but fails and now haunts the castle
Page 40

The Call Through The Clouds
Claire sees Sophie von Becker flying old plane besides her jumbo jet, as they cross the date line she appears in Sophie’s plane and discovers where it crashed and promises to tell so that Sophie’s round the world trip can be completed
Page 45

The Garden
Jessie has recurring dream of self in a peaceful, quiet garden – sent to camp and finds one like it, friend warns her against entering it and tries to stop her by hailing car, but it runs her over and Jessie realises the garden is haunted by her. Bad ending! Humour ref Bob Geldof LP and ‘it’s to do with her age’ adage of parents.
Page 48

Who's There?
Sandra is walking home alone and gets lost in fog, begins to follow lady with glowing ring, but then realises she is a skeleton in a cloak – finds a cottage and two ladies there help her, and tell her they used to tell each other stories of the Witch-wife who lured travellers off moors with a magic glowing ring. Good (ish) end.
Page 56

Melody From The Past
Jane is a concert pianist but has accident and believes her hands are damaged, until she saves her mother from drowning after being roused by ghostly music from a piano belonging to composer whose wife drowned. Happy ending. Misty raises Qs ‘did she hear a piano playing that stormy night – or was it merely ‘dream’ music?’
Page 61

Miss T:Part 1901
Page 64