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Misty Annual Issue 1980

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Date:January 1st, 1980

Home For Tea
Addie and her sister Lynn go potholing, feels like they fall but do not move, when they emerge everything is wasteland and they return home and find their mum's gravestone and realise they are in the year 2058 and there has been a global war. They go back to the cave and wait a few more minutes, emerge into the far future where a city has been rebuilt, decide that although their family and life has gone they still have each other.
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Girl In The Graveyard
True ghost story adapted from J.B. Priestley. Girl troubled by recurring dream of entering a graveyard, being drawn to a grave and sensation of falling. One day on holiday this happens and the grave she is drawn to has her date of birth as the date of death. She never has the dream again.
Page 9

The Woman And The Wolf
Page 10

Something On The Stairs!
Narrated by parson's daughter, move to new parish and discovers legend that a rector hid treasure there many years ago, when hunting for it in dark is attacked by what she thinks is a demon but when day comes reveals it is just a dead octopus wedged in tower and resolves to be more generous.
Page 11

The Haunting Of Form 2B
Page 17

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 2
Page 20

Miss T:Part 1100
Page 23

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 3
Page 24

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 4
Page 27

Hannah Comes Home
Hannah and her family have nowhere to live as her dad is in army, while on a cruise she has dreams of a welcoming house, and loses her scarab necklace in one of them. When visiting their uncle they find the exact same house and manage to buy it cheap as rumoured to be haunted, they research the haunting and find out that the ghost dropped a necklace that is Hannah's.
Page 30

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 5
Page 36

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 6
Page 39

Miss T:Part 1101
Page 48

A Little Night Music...
Shipwreckers crash the ship The Vulture, discover its cargo is just music boxes but survivor claims they are magical, they call the ghosts/zombies of all the dead sailors who come back for revenge and kill the pirates, and Bella reveals she is a witch.
Page 49

A New Leaf For Nancy
Page 57

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 2
Page 60

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 3
Page 63

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 4
Page 69

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 5
Page 72

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 6
Page 75

Three Wishes To Spend
Kathy helps an old man and gets three wishes, accidentally uses one on coming top in all exams, but then has to use the second to make people accept this, and then realises the expectations have made her unhappy so uses final wish to return things to how they were.
Page 78

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 7
Page 84

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 8
Page 87

Hand Of Vengeance!
Fiona is given a ring by her uncle and told tale of how it was stolen along with a mummified hand from another family. Told not to wear it as cursed. She puts it on for a party and the hand taps its way to her window, she removes the ring and later they find the hand restored to smoothness wearing the ring.
Page 89

Wendy the Witch:Part 16
Wendy is determined to win a school contest by making a model elephant. When one of the other children produces a better elephant (which crushes hers) she uses magic to make the childs elephant come alive.
Page 97

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 9
Page 98

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 10
Page 101

A New Leaf For Nancy:Part 11
Page 105

String Of Seven Stones
Bookended by Misty. Carol given a family necklace for her birthday and claimed it is lucky, she loses all seven beads but in process of getting them back they help lots of different people.
Page 108

The Chair That Chilled...
Bookended by Misty. Janie and family move to new house, roof leaks and neighbour says he will pay for it if they take an old chair off his hands. Told it is cursed and they start having bad luck and cannot get rid of it, but when Janie smashes it up it is full of money and legally theirs.
Page 111

The Cupboard
Narrator moves to new house, doesn't like it, finds mysterious cupboard under the wallpaper in her room, but when she uses it her clothes get thrown out over floor and at night they hear crying coming from it. Finds a message from a boy locked in there by his governness Miss Jessup and thinks he is the ghost but then told that he locked her in there and she starved to death. Ghost comes back that night but when her mum tells her that she is getting back together with her Dad it disappears - perhaps driven away by happiness.
Page 114

Wendy the Witch:Part 17
Page 124

Last Dance At The Disco
Bookended by Misty. Susie and Marge go to disco but it is deserted and all fake, they find mysterious people in office who welcome them but then say they have made a mistake. When they return to disco everybody is there, next day in paper revealed there was a slow burning fire in basement and a miracle everybody wasn't killed.
Page 125

Wendy the Witch:Part 18
Page 128

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 7
Page 129

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 8
Page 132

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 9
Page 135

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 10
Page 138

The Haunting Of Form 2B:Part 11
Page 141