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Misty Annual Issue 1979


Date:January 1st, 1979

The Swarm (a)
Tamsin's dad comes home from his job in middle east and brings a locust as a present from his boss but it escapes and gets bigger and soon there is a swarm, they try and get to plane to spray the crops but locusts fly at the car to stop them and pursue them into a church, until it starts to rain and they scatter, Dad claims it is a miracle and they realise it is St Swithun's Day.
Page 3

Friends Of Alison
Alison and her mum on way to a new house, Alison has a happy dream of voices calling her 'Alison's home!', goes to nearby deserted house but finds children there to play with, who tell her they have left her a secret envelope, when she finds it she realises the house is actually old and deserted and faints. The envelope she has found is deeds to the house showing it belongs to her family, her aunt and uncle come home from abroad to claim it and she realises they were the children she had been playing with and who left her the envelope.
Page 12

The School Of No Escape
Page 17

The School Of No Escape:Part 2
Page 20

Wendy the Witch:Part 5
Wendy visits a circus and is bullied by the strong man. She uses magic so the fire eater sets fire to the strong man, and then takes credit for putting the fire out.
Page 23

The School Of No Escape:Part 3
Page 24

The School Of No Escape:Part 4
Page 27

Terror On A Day Trip!
Amanda goes on school trip to castle and feels unaccountably scared of teacher. She forgets to buy a postcard so goes back and finds herself alone, realises that her teacher looks exactly like painting of a nobleman that conjures up horrid memories as her father scared her with a suit of armour in the same castle when she was young. Class arrives and also see the similarity, once she realises this she is no longer scared and they all go home.
Page 30

Miss T:Part 1000
Page 34

The School Of No Escape:Part 5
Page 35

The School Of No Escape:Part 6
Page 38

Wendy the Witch:Part 6
Page 41

The School Of No Escape:Part 7
Page 44

Miss T:Part 1001
Page 48

Blood Orange
Historical. Amy helps her father on his market stall, accidentally sells some special oranges reserved for R.A. Claude, she goes with him to help unload them and she realises he is a vampire (anagram of Dracula) and is trying to escape when she wakes up and realises it was all a dream.
Page 49

The Pony From The Moorland Mist
Page 57

Wendy the Witch:Part 7
Page 68

The Pony From The Moorland Mist:Part 2
Page 69

Wendy the Witch:Part 8
Page 81

The Ghost-Girl
Narrator moves to new town with family doesn't like house as next to creepy graveyard but comes round to it and is given a puppy. Sees ghost girl in graveyard looking for her dog who looks like her, names her puppy after the dog, shows her friend Amy who tells her it is the daughter of the previous vet who died, girl saves her dog from a car in identical accident to the one she died in.
Page 82

The Pony From The Moorland Mist:Part 3
Page 86

The Pony From The Moorland Mist:Part 4
Page 97

End Of The Pier...
Alison works at aquarium and loves the giant squid although her boss says they are monsters. He sells the place and she goes back spend last night there and say goodbye, a violent storm washes the place into the ocean and she thinks the squid is going to drag her into the depths but it saves her.
Page 109

A Voice From The Past
Selfish Tina quits her drama group's play because she doesn't have the lead, goes back into theatre and meets an old woman who shows her how to act the smaller part much better, finds an old portrait and realises that she was a famous actress of the last century, takes the smaller part and does it well 'act from the heart'.
Page 117

Looking After Georgy
Angela researches her family tree, is given an old carving of a bat and a journal by her gran who says she was told they should stay in the family. Reads journal of her ancestor Anna with same birthday as her who loves bats and is given the craving which she names Georgy after one in her barn. She marries a cruel man who poisons all the bats in their granary and she accidentally inhales it and dies, townsfolk think he has killed her and his fortunes change. Angela has a dream in which she tells them he did not mean to kill her and hears Anna's voice thanking her, wakes and vows to keep the bat carving and realises their names are anagrams with additional word 'GLAD'.
Page 120

The Figure In The Fog
Sue and Dad drive back from seaside day out, fog comes in and they are asked to helpwith an accident and find a crashed police car. They call police who come out but there has been no fog and no crashed car - policeman says this is a crank call that happened three years ago. When the cops leave their car has same reg as the crashed car - Sue realises they are the ghosts performing this over and over again.
Page 126

The School Of No Escape:Part 8
Page 129

The School Of No Escape:Part 9
Page 132

The School Of No Escape:Part 10
Page 135

The School Of No Escape:Part 11
Page 138

The School Of No Escape:Part 12
Page 141