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Misty Issue 99

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Witch Hunt

Date:December 29th, 1979

Screaming Point:Part 5
Lucy interrupts experiment and sees they are bringing dead back to life, but he dies again shortly afterwards need better blood, she jumps from window and they chase out into streets after her.
Page 3

Crystal Clear
Katey looking round old museum stained glass (‘The windows depicted villainous characters from local history. Each one beautiful, but somehow menacing.’) after they are smashed by local gang she uses crystal ball to trap them in new stained glass windows instead.
Page 7

The Warlock Of The West Bow
Story of Major and his sister, he confessed and they were burnt/hung for being witches.
Page 12

Witch Hunt
Frida and baby sister Anna being pursued by witchhunters, they capture her but it is revealed that the baby has the power not her and she saves her.
Page 14

House Of Horror:Part 4
Lizzie runs back to room then investigates drumming sound and some missing waxworks, finds Madame like a waxwork and drum beating itself, knocks over a coffin and escapes into tunnel that leads out onto Thames but is trapped by a boat coming in (bandaged feet shown).
Page 18

The Body Snatchers:Part 8
Flowers sent to Nancy’s parents that drug them and they are captured and replaced, taking real parents back to manor house where Nancy and friend are hiding they climb into van headed for London and hide among pod people ‘sightless half people’ ‘cold, clammy bodies’ but when they get there we see phone call from Dr Bracken to parents saying they are going to kill her.
Page 22

Joanie wants a life like Lady Agatha character in book, finds spellbook in Professor’s possessions and bullies Old Nell into explaining spell to her, is interrupted by Professor and takes the wrong book into magic circle, ends up trapped in Dracula (‘Her senses slowly left her as she slipped into deep, unfathomable darkness … / And knew no more.’)
Page 28

Miss T:Part 99
Page 32