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Misty Issue 98

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Silver Lining

Date:December 22nd, 1979

House Of Horror:Part 3
Lizzie is set to work taking tickets to exhibition with wax head of famous hypnotist guarding/watching her, when she tries to escape that night she is transfixed by his eyes and rushes back to the kitchen in fright.
Page 3

Silver Lining
Ruby and her gang bully and steal from everyone in school, including sweet shop owner, who organises give away of bubblegum, they take loads and are lifted up into the sky.
Page 7

Just Another Day
Julia and friends arrive at school to find it has vanished, as does part of the street and then the rest of the world, finally revealed it is all being dreamed by an alien.
Page 12

The Body Snatchers:Part 7
Laura and Nancy realise police are plants so jump out of car on way to school, Nancy pushes one into old quarry, they decide to go to Nancy’s family and the police in London, but Dr Bracknell has already figured out this plan.
Page 18

Forever In Her Eyes
Elvira is forever young and lives in forest near castle, eyes change with seasons, loved by everyone and old king allows her to stay, but when he dies and daughter is put in charge she orders her captured, child warns Elvira and she runs away but falls over cliff and summer does not come, no more seasons, world stays grey forever.
Page 22

Screaming Point:Part 4
Lucy is sent out for day and starts to feel suspicious about Simeon after watching puppet show and realising he may have been hung, comes back to find empty coffin and is scared and looks for uncle, sees them through lab window doing some sort of experiment on body [visual only, in distance, we can see as little as her].
Page 28

Miss T:Part 98
Page 32