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Misty Issue 97

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The Body Snatchers

Date:December 15th, 1979

Screaming Point:Part 3
Lucy meets Simeon Barrett who is hideous with broken neck and smashes up uncle’s lab to stop him doing cruel experiments she lets animals go because of this and when uncle returns tells him and he says Simeon is a murderer.
Page 3

House Of Horror:Part 2
Lizzie is offered a maid’s job or will be taken to police, next day she is cleaning and discovers withered bouquet she put in Joan’s coffin on the floor – rock slips from nearest statue and nearly crushes her head.
Page 7

Three Flowers
1860 and Minnie’s mother dies leaving her 3 flowers planted in garden, pick in each will give her a moment of happiness, she has hard workhouse life and in spring picks them one by one, the last one when she is very ill and dies and stays in paradise with mother and friends.
Page 11

Miss T:Part 97
Page 19

The Body Snatchers:Part 6
Nancy returns to school and calls police by climbing up ivy into staffroom, is captured but then escapes with her friend Laura, they go to police but do not realise police are also pod people.
Page 20

The Power Of Young Melissa
Melissa is able to restore those who have died before their time back to life, is caught by mob boss dying of old age, takes life from his men using the death stored inside her.
Page 27