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Misty Issue 96

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House Of Horror

Date:December 8th, 1979

House Of Horror
Joan and Lizzie in workhouse, Joan dies from overwork and is buried, Lizzie sleeps by grave and wakes up to see body being stolen, follows to house and is scared by shadowy figures, revealed to be waxworks owned by Madame Blaze but she knows there is evil there (‘The gentry flock to see my waxworks of infamous criminal and notorious murderers’).
Page 3

The Body Snatchers:Part 5
Nancy flees and chased in corridors, found on camera entering basement, outwits giant ‘man-eating plant’ by moving very slowly and quietly (‘It’s a plant… it can’t see me!’) escapes and hides in plant pod room surrounded by replicas and then gets out – does not notice replica of herself in there too.
Page 7

The Horn The Hounds And The Hunted
Amanda, Barbara and Kevin being pursued by hunting dogs, Kevin caught and torn apart (bit graphic!) then Barbara screams, finally just Amanda cornered by huntsmen (given p of v of them and reaching hands) then she wakes up and it is just a dream and today is ‘our first hunt’ ‘Yes. It’s time to know the call of the horn. The bark of the hounds… the thrill of the hunt – oh!’ ‘No – I will never hunt! / Because now I know the fear of the fox…!’
Page 13

The Wishing Bird
Mary given bird by neighbour and everything she wishes on it comes through (it is silently urging her on), makes third wish to be well just in time and bird dies instead.
Page 18

Screaming Point:Part 2
Lucy sleeps under counter but still has a nightmare she is in a hearse, explores next morning and hears odd noises, her uncle arrives and declares himself a scientist and sends her out to get food for lab animals, when she returns they are leaving and then she hears a strange noise behind one of the doors…
Page 22

Long Way From Home:Part 5
Anna collapses and is laid in circle, accuses mistress of never really loving the house just the compliments people paid her on it, and house returns them all to life and collapses in on itself, they get out and save other girls and vow to never go back.
Page 28

Strange Meeting (True Ghost)
Karen Jones on way to Gran’s funeral sees Gran’s apparition in car with scar on face who says her mother was a bad daughter and hit her and made her change will – both turn out to be true.
Page 32