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Misty Issue 95

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Screaming Point

The Last Hunt

Date:December 1st, 1979

The Last Hunt
Poor widow and daughter killed by murderous squire on his hunt, after they die he chases two vixens into bog and dies.
Page 3

Screaming Point
Lucy is sent away from cruel orphanage to live with her Uncle Seth but when she arrives is only collected by driver/undertaker and no sign of him, locked in for night and made to sleep in a coffin.
Page 7

Long Way From Home:Part 4
Anna figures out house is draining their lifeforce, June also collapses, Anna follows servants and their mistress now restored to life who are carrying June’s body and finds 6 bodies laid out in pentagram for spell to restore the house and mistress to former glory.
Page 12

The Body Snatchers:Part 4
Nancy wakes up a prisoner, accuses head of being fake and is told by dr Bracken that they are all his copies and she is only one to notice, testing his serum designed to heal people first on himself and has turned into half plant, then by making other plants – and ‘soon, though, my plans will spread like roots and branches until I rule the whole country…!’ she breaks free and runs off.
Page 18

Catch The Moon If You Can
Mary given a magic coin by dying grandmother and told she must pass it on within a year, it fills drawer with money every full moon (great panel combining all the luxuries she and her family buy with it) and at end of year she decides not to pass it on ‘But why should I? Who’s to know what Grandmother’s instructions were? I’ll keep the coin myself and it will carry on its magic for us…’ that night she sees coin hovering in air and follows it, nearly falls into sea but warned by her gran reappearing one last time.
Page 22

The Pig People
Lorina wants to be beautiful and smart like Pearl and admires her amulet which has come from an ancient cult ‘The Worshippers of the Pig’, steals it and everything starts going right (‘she found she was making the scene at the local disco’) but Pearl sees amulet and warns it has terrible power, Lorina wishes no more gym and gym burns down so she resolves to give it back after one more wish to be beautiful – when she wakes up in morning she has been made beautiful but like a pig (good use of colour and medium, her back to us for final page).
Page 29