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Misty Issue 94

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Night Of The Dead

Date:November 24th, 1979

Winner Loses All!:Part 17
Satan is a real horse, because Sandy’s father made a deal in her place for his soul, and collapses and dies. Sandy is on her own without Dayville’s help but makes a clear round and goes on to win. Renames horse Phoenix and promises ‘Dad gave us both a new life – we must never forget that. We must make him really proud of us. We must win that Olympic Gold!’
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 14
Sir Giles and de Quincey battle, and Sir Giles starts a fire but then de Quincey kills him (cheats). School is being evacuated and Lady Ermyngarde appears as he has scared away whole school and he goes off to heaven with her. Amanda goes home with mother and de Quincey left there. [Dramatic duel page using space of page and ending on villain not triumph]
Page 7

Miss T:Part 94
Page 13

The Body Snatchers:Part 3
Nancy realises Annie is missing but staff say she was taken ill in night, head goes to body snatcher and says they must take Nancy (off panel, plant-like fist pounding on table), Nancy is drugged with flowers during cross-country and taken off by head and helpers: ‘The Master awaits you!’
Page 18

Long Way From Home:Part 3
They go back to house for water for Tracey but Butler refuses to serve them and on being pushed away they realise he is a dried up husk; when given water Tracey panics and also becomes a dessicated mummy.
Page 22

Night Of The Dead
Jilly goes to stay with her gran, before she arrives conversation between gran and other villager that it is her turn to suffer; doesn’t drink cocoa as she doesn’t like it and overhears villagers say she is to be sacrifice against historic witch’s curse, runs away from zombies through graveyard and seeks sanctuary at place where witch was burnt, dead rampage through village kill her gran, in morning she is left alive but in shock and village ‘has joined the dead’
Page 26