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Misty Issue 93

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Girl Who Knew The Fairies

Date:November 17th, 1979

Winner Loses All!:Part 16
Sandy’s dad overheard her deal and thinks it is for ambition, goes to get a drink and then realises it was all for him. Jockey urges Sandy that she might win since all the other horses are getting spooked by demons. Vet’s friend does dope test and Sandy panics but Satan provides blood etc, she wonders ‘Have you suddenly become real?’
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 13
Quincy offers a deal that if they duel Sir Giles can go free, Amanda tries to stop him [poor panel arrangement on this page] but knocks over suit of armour, doctor appears as he is leaving and wants to take her as before then sees the two ghosts fighting.
Page 7

Miss T:Part 93
Page 12

The Bone Of Doom (True Ghost)
Wife brings back piece of bone from Egyptian tomb and bad luck then dogs family.
Page 12

Girl Who Knew The Fairies
Lana believes in fairies and tells Carol who comes along to watch the fairy ball with her that night, but is amazed when it proves to be true and she is led off by them ‘Those who see us may not return to tell of it!’ realises they are a tiny race of people living under the earth – next day in school Lana tells everyone where Carol has gone but nobody believes her.
Page 14

The Body Snatchers:Part 2
Tramp dies and scientists(?) seek more people from school; everyone at school is acting unlike themselves, Nancy becomes suspicious and tells head who muses ‘That girl suspects too much. She will have to be dealt with […] She will be the next to join us… She must be!’
Page 18

The Window Box
Candy is a compulsive thief (‘If folk don’t take better care of their money they deserve to lose it. This is too easy!’) and having tried everything parents buy rose seeds from a gypsy who says they will cure her, she plants them and a few days later tiny roses grow, pricks her finger and has a dream she has shrunk and is warned by gypsy not to steal any more, next time she tries to steal this happens and she quickly returns purse and never steals again ‘It's amazing what a little kindness can do!’ ‘A little kindness, or… a little fear!
Page 22

Long Way From Home:Part 2
Touching dome produced a ‘blinding light’ and model house restores itself to newness, as does house around them – servants come back alive, girls try to leave but forest stops them, realise they are trapped there and cannot leave. House like ‘some slumbering hibernating animal that we’ve woken or brought to life’.
Page 28