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Misty Issue 92

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The Body Snatchers

Date:November 10th, 1979

Winner Loses All!:Part 15
Sandy goes to race and Dayville pulls same tricks, vet arranges test and ends with her Dad ‘Sandy what have you done?’
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 12
Marlene and others arrive to beat up Amanda but scared off by face at window, Sir Giles says it wasn’t him and then they meet ghost of De Quincy who says he has a deal for Sir Giles.
Page 7

The Ghost Of Yankee Jim (True Ghost)
Lillian sees ghost of Yankee Jim wrongly hanged on ground her house was on in San Diego – after discovering his story lived in house all her life and became fond of him (diaries) (true story retold by Anita Davies re Whaley House).
Page 12

The Body Snatchers
Nancy returns late to school after an illness, man jumps out on her taxi looks like one of her teachers but all well at school though ‘a little bit odd […] a lot of the teachers seem kind of cold and as if they’ve got other things on their minds just now’, told to keep out of derelict manor next door, ends with tramp sneaking into greenhouse to hide and a scream [classic McCloud eg of closure].
Page 14

Long Way From Home
Anna and Tracey visiting June at her house in country next to ruined castle, they go to explore nearby Harley House despite story from Old Joe that wood attacked him, find a path and enter house find mummified bodies and locked door behind them, then a model house covered by glass dome which they touch - sucked into it?
Page 18

Flight From Fear
Plague in London 1665, Lucy sends her maid Peg out to get lavender before they flee the city and she has an accident and so they leave without her, Lucy waits in coach outside inn as she doesn’t want to ‘mix with those country bumpkins’ then deathly coachman takes her coach and brings her to plague pit she wakes up and says they must go back for Peg and they find her safe.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 92
Page 26

Danger Demons At Work
When Betty takes off her glasses she sees demons instead of workmen, overhears them talking about domination and the everflame, she tries to tell everyone but nobody believes her, finally thwarts them by kicking everflame and them back down to hell as parents muse ‘Who on earth is she playing with down there?’ ‘Some new boy she’s met I expect my dear’ but she questions ‘All over? Or will they come up from another hole? Perhaps next time it’ll be YOUR road they’re digging up.’
Page 28