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Misty Issue 91

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Your Time Is Up!

Date:November 3rd, 1979

Miss T:Part 91
Page 2

Food For Though (a)
Jill and Betty at end of idyllic holiday and looking forward to BBQ but then netted by aliens and taken across galaxy to be eaten, as one muses ‘I think it is immoral to eat other creatures… They may not be as intelligent as you and I. But they have feelings. They know pain and grief and terror.’
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 11
Sir Giles tries poltergeist activity on Marlene but they just think it is each other, Amanda tells him off and he tells her more about his past hunting, but interrupted by Marlene wanting a fight.
Page 7

Your Time Is Up!
Anna wishes at an old well to live forever and gets her wish but her body slows down and to her it seems that time has sped up – ‘For countless aeons Anna watched the barren, empty, dark world that was earth, a tear falling from her cheek… slowly’, eventually ‘Then the circle of time came full circle and Anna watched the birth of the world…’ and shouts STOP warning herself not to make the wish.
Page 12

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 9
Kerry used in lab demonstration, considered expendable but saved by Tony who learnt ‘a lot’ from analysis of costume, story ends with new club coach and she and Ros winning dead heat.
Page 18

Winner Loses All!:Part 14
Vet tries to drug Satan, doesn’t work and he gallops off, Dayville returns inn sign to Sandy as his demons should not have interfered, she hides it and resolves to practice hard, vet suspects her and decides to have his friend at race inspect Satan.
Page 22

The Gate-Crashers
Slade and Driscoll gatecrash parties and ruin them, Jan decides to trick them into not coming to her birthday (31 October) and they enter the house opposite, realise all the guests there are dead, revealed that Jan was just keeping front of her house dark ‘No…No escape for you now […] Guests at the party of the long dead may never return to the living!’
Page 28