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Misty Issue 90

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Date:October 27th, 1979

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 10
Giles encourages Amanda to go (from ‘the maleficent Marlene’) but she stays, Marlene and gang scare Sir Giles and he vanishes (nice sequential disappear), she tells her mum she wants to stay and head catches Marlene’s gang, they vow revenge but Sir Giles says he has thought of a scheme to scare her away.
Page 3

Winner Loses All!:Part 13
Sandy goes to get sign from vet at stables but Jocasta says he has gone looking for her on a horse, she smashes vet’s car window, is chased by Dayville’s demons who take the sign, vet finds Satan.
Page 7

The Cave Of Horror (True Ghost)
Page 12

Sally Davies and four strangers wake up in house, strangers start to disappear one by one, she escapes but pullback to reveal giant apes playing a board game.
Page 14

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 8
Kerry caught stealing costume and Mr Winter kicks her off team and makes sure everyone knows, lab men kidnap her and try to take her psychic powers.
Page 18

Hangman's Alley:Part 5
Jacey goes to old house and Mel follows her, they share a joke and laugh and house is set afire (by ghost) while smashing wall to get out Jacey finds box with pearls and confession from girl who stole them – saw Melinda hung, caught smallpox and left in house to die. Reporter uses confession to save house from development and it is turned into a museum and Jacey presented with the pearls as a reward.
Page 22

Take The Money!
Mary is offered deal to press a button killing an old Chinese lady who is in great pain and then she will get a million pounds. Friend rejects this (‘that’s monstrous!’) but Mary accepts and that night room is filled with banknotes – but then discovers she is trapped in the box as another person has taken same deal (‘You will get your money tomorrow morning – that’s usually how long it takes!’)
Page 28

Miss T:Part 90
Page 32