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Misty Issue 9

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The Swarm (b)

Date:April 1st, 1978

Paint It Black:Part 9
Maggie breaks into house and finds pictures but portrait of Maria is not girl in her first picture, Mr Thursby sees her as she runs home, where she realises other girl in the family pictures is Maria.
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 9
Police let Nicola go and Charmian reappears and puts her back into trance with ring; she agrees to be the chosen one; next day goes to zoo with friends and when she sees snakes returns to words from her dream ‘Seek out the serpents… / …and slay them!’
Page 7

The Changeling (Beasts)
Marie and Ann on holiday at remote Beaver Lake, Marie been as a child and keen to come back, promises to tell her story of why they are there after walk in forest, during which time she remembers being there as a child and getting lost and looked after by grizzly bear who keeps her warm and feeds her, father finds her and they don’t shoot bear, back in present day she encounters same bear and they hug, but passing hunters shoot the bear (‘Oh it’s cruel – so unfair! You gave me my life, bear, and now… now it’s cost you yours.’)
Page 12

It's A Dog's Life! (Beasts)
Mrs Abbott gives her dog Ling the best of everything and then discovers she has a grand-niece who comes to visit and is nice and starts becoming the favourite and Mrs Abbott realises ‘You are a selfish little thing’ and decides to change her will but that night Ling trips up Jane on the stairs and it is implied she dies
Page 16

The Salamander Girl:Part 5
Salah goes into desert to find tribe of black tents using the dagger and finally feels at home in old temple; Carmen and her father agree to sell her to rich American, circus boss finally picks up her trail but when they find her she scares them off ‘She who lives in the temple has great powers’ and becomes a local legend.
Page 18

The Swarm (b)
Jenny and brother Peter in Africa for holiday and he kills a locust which she doesn’t like as loves all animals, on flight home compass and visibility fail and a swarm of locust fly into plane making them land and they realise they were flying straight for a mountain
Page 21

Miss T:Part 9
Page 23

The Sentinels:Part 9
They are captured by Partisans and Jan meets her other self ‘Makes my world with all its faults look good’ and Partisans reveal their plan to put all their people on the run into Jan’s world and replace them with their doubles so they get ‘Kidnapped, brought here… and thrown to the wolves, sort of thing’ ‘B-but that’s inhuman! You’re as bad as the Nazis you’re fighting against!’. Back in Jan’s world police find her suitcase abandoned in the building.
Page 24

Moonchild:Part 9
Rosemary’s mum comes to school and tells her story to doctor – her mum had the power, when her dad went away to fight in war and she heard an intruder she used it to kill him with iron but turned out to be her husband and she was taken away by police and Mrs Black put in an orphanage. Explains is only strict to ‘stop the wickedness. To stop something terrible happening again…’ She forbids more tests on Rosemary. Later Rosemary tells Dawn what she really wants is a birthday party and Norma decides to host one for her [gang chanting ‘Shame! Shame!’ – like shower scene in Carrie?] ‘Yeah, I reckon I could be a real fairy godmuvver to ol’ weirdo Rosemary! We could arrange a birthday party for her. A very special birthday party!’
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