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Misty Issue 89

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Hangman's Alley

The Forest Of Fear?

Date:October 20th, 1979

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 9
Marlene and her spotty minions’ set up a vigilante squad, Amanda’s mother arrives to hunt for her daughter, Amanda and Sir Giles outwit them and Amanda flees the grounds (Sir Giles must stay).
Page 3

Winner Loses All!:Part 12
Sandy wins race and invited to participate in international event, Jocasta tells vet what she saw, Sandy goes riding again but Satan’s legs break and she goes home to discover vet has taken inn sign.
Page 7

Miss T:Part 89
Page 11

Art Of Death
Children are dying in Kings Lynn village, drained of energy, Ingrid wonders if disease brought by art teacher then discovers it is his spell – tells father and police smash models and buried children have had their energies restored 'He's some kind of fiend, an energy vampire'.
Page 12

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 7
Kerry and Tony follow Mr Winter to Rotex Labs, he realises by cannot do anything. Kerry uses her psychic powers to help calm Ros and tries to tell her mum to ease off, then decides to steal the racer-back but Ros sees her in mirror.
Page 18

Hangman's Alley:Part 4
Mel is OK it’s just a warning (cherryade not blood and writing on wall), Jacey sent to doctors and sees photo in mag of Melinda’s name scratched on wall of old house, when she returns makes ghost tell her whole story, accused of stealing mistress’s pearls and hung. Doctor says she is fine but Mel says she looks terrible.
Page 22

The Forest Of Fear?
Heidi Klimt loves Smirch Forest despite bats etc and werewolves/vampires rumours (‘If only I could explain properly why I’ll never be scared of the forest, or let stories of werewolves and vampires make me fearful!’), encounters stranger on way to grandmother’s house, he beats her there and turns out to be werewolf, she orders him off and is revealed as vampire in final panel (visual only – ‘the thing Heidi had become’), crying ‘I hoped you’d never need to know my secret, Grandmother…!’
Page 29