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Misty Issue 88

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Hangman's Alley

Date:October 13th, 1979

The Collector (b)
Karen wants a holiday to Majorca, meets Mad Mary who gives her crystal ball to wish on so she can dream it, Karen refuses to return it and lies, and is forced to relive the same dream, then vanishes into crystal ball which Mary’s monkey steals and it shrinks to marble size to join her collection (piles on the horror in content and visuals!) (‘So many dreams… so many nightmares… ha, ha, ha!’).
Page 3

Winner Loses All!:Part 11
Sandy wins the race unfairly as Jocasta’s horse is deliberately spooked by Dayville’s demons, realises it will all be like this ‘I’ve won the Worthing Cup, but I’ve lost all pride, all dignity, all hope…’
Page 9

Miss T:Part 88
Page 13

Hangman's Alley:Part 3
Jacey skips school to investigate old gaol and agrees she will help ghost, but is picked up by cops, parents unimpressed. She suggests housewarming party but during preparations for this sees ghost and Mel has disappeared – heads out and finds her collapsed in the alley.
Page 14

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 6
Ros beats Kerry in racer-back seeing sharks chasing her, but denies it to Kerry; Kerry still able to use her psychic powers; tricks Mr Winter by turning up in fake silver swimsuit, she and Tony follow him in car after class.
Page 18

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 8
Sir Giles causes car to swerve and crash and psychiatrist is unconscious, Amanda goes with him to games pavilion cottage, he tells her about his true love Ermyngarde who was forced to marry Quincy after his disgrace and poisoned him/killed herself, only to find Sir Giles was not waiting for her in afterlife as trapped on earth.
Page 22

Sheila meets a mermaid who proves to be evil and wants to capture her soul so she can venture on land (‘A mermaid who dares leave the water loses her powers and becomes a fish all over – and the only way she can venture on land is by first capturing a human soul’) tries to avoid her but nonetheless snared by her music, but it stops when she is caught by a fisherman’s net and turns into fish (‘I should be happy now I am free from her spell – yet she was so beautiful, I feel sorrow, too’).
Page 29