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Misty Issue 87

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Winner Loses All!

Date:October 6th, 1979

Monster Movie
Kaye and little sister Gemma are watching a monster movie on TV Kaye is bored and Gemma is scared so turn it off and go to look at the old house in town which looks identical, while there Kaye scares Gemma and she decides go home, Kaye finds old movie reels showing monster attacking some guy ‘This wasn’t in the film we saw on TV … not really surprising though… / No-one could possibly believe such an improbable monster lived in this house…!’ as panels show monster about to grab her.
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 7
Marlene sets Amanda up smashing windows and she is taken away by psychiatrist (‘See a ghost today and people think you’re mad. All they believe in is machines.’) but Sir Giles appears to rescue this damsel in distress.
Page 7

I Must Catch The Last Train...
1st person narrator moves into old railway station and meets girl trying to catch the last train to be with her love, helps her and then reads about accident 100 years ago ‘What had I done on that cold, misty night? Had I helped to send the young girl to her death, or had I helped a lost soul to find peace? I’d never know for certain, but somehow I feel I was right to re-unite Lottie and her Albert.’
Page 12

Winner Loses All!:Part 10
Sandy interrupts dad and vet and her dad is annoyed as thinks she cares more about winning than his reputation, they proceed to the race but Mr Dayville and demons turn up and scare all the horses [red background for Dayville scenes].
Page 14

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 5
Kerry’s house is burgled but she has costume in her bag, scientists set it to self-destruct but she wakes up and pours water on it, gives it to brother Tony to do tests on, goes to club and Ros has a new silver racer-back swimsuit.
Page 18

In historical Spain witchfinder statue was erected in gratitude, but a year before true events show that the statue is the witchfinder himself turned to stone and his men turned to trees by young girl whose family were witches – poetic justice ‘a heart of stone, Iserte … so be it. Let the rest of your body match your heart!’ ‘And you who would use wood to destroy life shall in turn become wood!’
Page 22

Hangman's Alley:Part 2
Jacey and Mel go to disco, get separated on walk home and Jacey finds her possessed and standing on bridge, investigates alley and spirit tells her story – remembers being sent to gallows protesting her innocence, mum finds Jacey in alley.
Page 28