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Misty Issue 86

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Date:September 29th, 1979

Winner Loses All!:Part 9
Jocasta does not discover her secret, Sandy makes a worse deal with Dayville that when Satan’s secret is discovered her soul will be his immediately, not realising her dad and the vet secretly sneak him out for x-rays that night after she falls asleep.
Page 3

Mrs Grundy's Guest House
Pickpocket Jilly spends day stealing from OAPs and then tries to find a B&B for evening with no luck, breaks into Mrs Grundy’s (always empty though Mrs G says it is full) and then says she wants to stay when discovered, while trying to steal ornaments ghosts appear and say she must be punished, they hold her and her struggles knock curtain into fire and burn down house with her in it ‘burned alive’ ‘You’re a wicked gill, Jilly Sloper. You came here to rob me. And now you’ve burned down the only refuge these poor lost souls have ever had. I don’t think anything would make them let you go now.’ ‘In the ruins of the old house one remained .. doomed to stay there forever!’
Page 7

The Brave Maid Of Norfolk (True Ghost)
Farmer makes a bet his servant Mary-Anne is brave enough to get a skull from charnel house, sexton hides there and pretends to be ghost but when they go back for him he is dead ‘Had he died of fright at finding himself locked in? Or had his antics aroused and offended some sinister presence in that evil place? We shall never know.’
Page 12

Jorum Is Coming
Heather finds an space-egg and plants it in wood while in a trance, becomes increasingly detached and sure that ‘Jorum is coming’, egg tells her to kill her parents, she gets axe but then hears them say they love her and smashes egg instead.
Page 14

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 4
Kerry tricks Mr Winter by wearing two costumes, finds out her brother Tony is coming home Friday and resolves to ask him, gets in trouble at school for being too tired/sleeping as tiring herself out trying to keep up with expectations, comes home to find cops at door talking to her mum.
Page 18

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 6
Sir Giles sulks as ‘I was phosphorescent at full power - I might have shortcircuited!’ [visual pun ‘no need to get on your high horse] she goads him into carrying on and he turns gym horse into a real one, but disturbed by head who says she is going to send Amanda away.
Page 22

Hangman's Alley
Mel and Jacey and family move to house above old hangman’s alley which is haunted, Jacey looks out of window and sees ghost with Mel’s face (‘That awful thing with Mel’s face … and I felt the hate coming from it’), wakes next night to find ghost bending over Mel but scares it away as Mel wakes up ‘You must have been dreaming’.
Page 28