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Misty Issue 85

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Monster Of Green Acres

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers

Date:September 22nd, 1979

Winner Loses All!:Part 8
Sandy runs to get vet and then finds inn sign broken in road, wonders if it is linked, holds it together and Satan stands up, Jocasta sent to find Sandy and discovers her gluing the inn sign and wants to know what is going on.
Page 3

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 3
Kerry racing, has out of body experience as before but includes lab men [divided splash page with angular layout], swims fast again which annoys other girls, takes off costume and overhears Mr Winter (trainer) on phone referring to her as a ‘Guinea pig’ and he tells her to wear it for all sessions from now on.
Page 7

You Never Know Who (True Ghost)
True ghost story of Nun’s Bridge – lorry driver picks up her ghost (drowned by brother for sake of family honour).
Page 12

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 5
Amanda helps Sir Giles and gets him to go and scare Marlene but she has set a trap – bucket of water balanced on door [good panel of Amanda agreeing to help, abstract surround and circular].
Page 14

What Did You Say?
Selfish Sandra plays her radio too loud all the time, they move to country and she is told off for playing music loudly in graveyard, goes to sleep and has dream about ‘waking the dead’ banging on her windows (framed as dream in both wavy panel shape and captions ‘And as she slept…’), then wakes up and then realises they are still there – but revealed it is pensioner coach asking for directions (Sandra remains unaware and afraid).
Page 18

Danger In The Depths:Part 2
Floods cause lake to breach and fish attacks them in house but family escapes in boat, 3 weeks later floods subside and police find giant body of fish, they dynamite the lake and radioactive box sinks deep into mud – but can it infect the worms? [final panel shot of monstrous worm in background!]
Page 22

Monster Of Green Acres
(2nd person narration addressed to madman stalking the town) – people become increasingly scared and town ends up deserted, revealed it is the scarecrow who ‘just didn’t know when to stop’.
Page 29