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Misty Issue 84

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Danger In The Depths

Date:September 15th, 1979

Nobody's Child
Carrie is an orphan and pickpocket on historical London streets (‘All right, so it’s wrong to cheat and steal, but wot other chance did I ‘ave? Wot other way can I live?’) and mongrel dog starts following her and preventing her thefts, takes her to a pauper’s graveyard and Annie Dawkins’ grave, where an old lady tells her about her death due to thieving and that this is her dog, Carrie decides to go straight and final panel selling violets and making money.
Page 3

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 4
Amanda and Sir Giles put red ink (ghostly blood) on carpet, Marlene and gang jump her as they think she has been sucking up to Head who interrupts, and Amanda discovers that Marlene is a Quincy descendent (foe of Sir Giles).
Page 9

Winner Loses All!:Part 7
Sandy argues with Dayville for only giving her a year, and helps her Dad unpack stuff and realises inn sign is missing, then Satan falls as someone in road runs over it (has fallen off truck) and breaks both his front legs – certain he will have to be put down.
Page 14

The Silver Racer-Back:Part 2
Kerry’s parcel contains a silver swimsuit as in her dream. She wears it and has visions of demons chasing her - breaks county record by over a second. Tells her Dad who thinks it is all psychological, wears it again and feels normal but then urge to scream overtakes her.
Page 18

Danger In The Depths
Plane explosion drops box of radioactive isotopes into lake and fish grow big – Joanna and family go on holiday and she sees boy pulled underwater (call police, find nothing) then they go out in boat and are chased by giant fish, call police again showing damage to boat.
Page 22

Adopted Ellie has nightmares every night caused by her big sister Joan who tells her ghost stories, Ellie tells her gran (witch) who assures her it is all false and she will fix Joan, next nightmare Joan goes in to scare Ellie more and is picked up by ‘a creature from a nightmare’ giant horse that carries her off and Ellie is left with the new parents ‘If we’ve really lost Joan then all we’ll have is little Ellie. We must give her the very best we can.’ And Ellie and her gran ‘watched the true and authentic night mare galloping endlessly across the sky.’
Page 28