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Misty Issue 83

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The Tadpole Terror

Date:September 8th, 1979

The Silver Racer-Back
Swimmer Kerry is poor but beats arrogant rich Ros by envisaging herself as a dolphin (as suggested by her father) and offered a place in the squad for free, second time she does this also sees herself watching in a silver racer-back costume and wins again, then when she gets home receives a parcel in the post.
Page 3

The Black Gauntlet
Village of Dunraven and Elaina is chosen to be the sacrifice for dragon, but knight comes and saves her by killing it ‘she felt strangely drawn to him, sharing a bond that was akin to love’ and gives him a flower but he refuses to enter the village. When she tells her mother she replies that her father was given a black gauntlet in dishonour when he married her and Elaina finds the flower she gave the knight inside it. Ends on questions ‘Who knows what truly happened out there at dragonrock? […] But Elaina believed it. For when she opened the fingers of the gauntlet she found ‘The flower… the flower I gave him!’’
Page 7

Cathy And The Nature Spirits
Cathy’s dad sells land down by the stream she warns the nature spirits there but it goes ahead, when the first tree is cut she appears there injured, after he calls it off she returns to her bed and is OK.
Page 12

Winner Loses All!:Part 6
Dayville appears to Sandy at night with a demon and then vanishes (invisibility panel) after saying he will thwart deal to buy stables (as already owns Jocasta’s father) and all goes well. Sandy realises she has less than a year as he expects her to win the 1980 Olympics.
Page 16

The Haunted Barn (True Ghost)
In 1802 poor milkmaid Alison works herself to death to get food and then haunts the barn in which she was made to thresh corn by mean farmer’s wife.
Page 20

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 3
Amanda tells Marlene and others about ghost but they don’t believe her. She skips lessons and goes to find Sir Giles who tells the rest of his story – he fled duel when he was unseated, and Humbert then hunted him down and killed him, and so he was dishonoured as a and disowned by his family and cursed to haunt the hall until he has scared someone into fleeing just as he did. Amanda promises to help him. [good slanted panels]
Page 22

Miss T:Part 83
Page 28

The Tadpole Terror
Jinny and big sister Cora are going on holiday when Jinny realises she has left jar of tadpoles on windowsill, Cora refuses to go back and when arrives on holiday while swimming is attacked by giant frogs and then saved by a diver who turns out to be a frog in a wetsuit – all a dream and she stops the coach and goes back for the animals ‘We’ll be late starting our holiday – but I realised they have just as much right to live as we do…!’ [NB frogman colloquial for diver but not used here = visual pun?]
Page 29