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Misty Issue 82

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Old Collie's Collection

Date:September 1st, 1979

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers:Part 2
Sir Giles tells his story has been trying to scare people at the Home but no success (‘You know what they said it was last time? The cistern! I ask you!’) – compulsive gambler and lost all money, challenged to a duel by Sir Humbert… Marlene and friends get a sheet and dress as a ghost to scare Amanda but only Sir Giles is scared and runs away into wall (Amanda - ‘Oh, really… you’re impossible!’)
Page 3

Hands Of Nefri
Jodi is given mummified hands covered in gold (though ‘taken’ used in first panel) by dying grandfather and promises to return them to Egypt but ‘I’m just nutty about having a good time – and I don’t give a hang who knows it!’ she refuses ‘Just an old mummy – she can’t hurt me!’ she dreams she is powerful and rejects her aunt/uncle then they all fade away and she is alone, when she wakes the hands have been shattered and she hears a mummy advancing (we see legs) and final panel reveal the skeletal hands are hers.
Page 7

The Girl Who Hated Spiders
Sue hates spiders and classmate Roger is tormenting one when he transforms it with a made-up chemistry set into Arachne (beautiful ‘full red lips’, vampire teeth ‘fangs, sharp and pointed as a she-wolf’s’, long red nails ‘red like pointed talons’) who tries to eat him – Sue turns her back into a spider with chemical.
Page 12

Winner Loses All!:Part 5
Sandy and Satan try to outrun the hounds but fall at a fence, hunters save them, Sandy realises Satan is ‘unnatural’ and notices he is not sweating or bleeding. Jocasta gets her dad to buy stables on condition he fires Sandy’s dad [Good page layout when she falls].
Page 14

Present From Singapore
June receives a weird screaming doll from her penpal in the post, hates it and locks it away but goes off (explained by cat) dad agrees to get rid of it but then it screams again and alerts them to him in danger while fixing car, he reveals he took its electrics out so shouldn’t have been able to scream, June says ‘I don’t know, mum… but it’ll always be my favourite doll from now on!’
Page 18

The Loving Cup:Part 13
Lucy walking in trance, comes to and is picked up by Borgias. Trisha thinks she has run away and goes after her, interrupts ceremony and smashes the cup which brings down the folly, killing the Borgias and finally freeing Lucy.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 82
Page 28

Old Collie's Collection
Shirley’s friends dare her to find out what is in Old Collie’s antiques shop she peers through windows and sees amazing snowglobes, goes back later to steal one and sell it, opens locked door within and finds herself trapped in a globe which he puts on shelf with others ‘My collection is growing nicely. How small it would be if there were less greedy people in the world…!’
Page 29