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Misty Issue 81

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The Ghost Of Golightly Towers

Date:August 25th, 1979

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers
Amanda is taken away from her mother who has refused court order to send her to school (wants to home school) and taken to children’s home, hard kids there initiate her by locking her in haunted cellar where she meets ghost of Sir Giles (‘The official spectre in residence of Golightly Towers) who screams because he is scared of her shadow and turns out to be ‘rather nice for a ghost!’ He then starts to cry and she asks him to tell her his story.
Page 3

Winner Loses All!:Part 4
Sandy signs contract in hell (good de luca/Lyta alterities style panel ‘You’re mine… mine… mine…’) and rides Satan into woods, gets chased by hounds on a hunt.
Page 8

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
Criminals go to hide their loot in deserted lighthouse but encounter its keeper Andy who they shoot dead (fourth wall shot of gun firing at us), his daughter then enacts revenge on them and turns out she is a mermaid in final panel (EC style narration: ‘No, Wigg – you won’t manage it! You’ll never manage anything again…’)
Page 12

Inside Story
Rewriting of Pandora (revealed at the end) she hears voices telling her to ‘help ussss’ (black background panels showing spirits) that trick her into opening the box ‘Mythology tells us that when Pandora released the sickness and plague and evil and greed into the world, it was her curiosity that was to blame… but now you know – the inside story!’
Page 18

Sprig Of Heather
Polly sells lucky heather but mean stepdad takes all her money (‘I was a poor widow with a young family, Polly. I thought I needed a man’s protection’ feminist slant as stepdad is useless violent drunk) she picks more and meets fairies (‘Manikin’) who agree to help but she wakes up and thinks it was all a dream, only to find he has been press ganged while in the tavern.
Page 22

The Loving Cup:Part 12
Lucy freaks out at the Borgias and they leave, she argues with Trisha (‘But don’t you think it’s all exciting and romantic?’ which both feel bad about, the Borgias perform a ceremony with the cup in their folly ‘As we call your name, we summon the girl who is your reincarnation. […] LUCREZIA BORGIA’.
Page 28