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Misty Issue 8

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The Sentinels

Date:March 25th, 1978

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 8
Nicola pulls herself up fence and realises she can balance like a cat on top of it, Charmian appears and encourages her to jump (she lands perfectly) and shows her more visions of Egypt, the ceremony continues but Bast’s eyes flash with anger that is echoed by police cars that arrive and take Nicola away (Charmian changes back into cat).
Page 3

The Sentinels:Part 8
Jan muses on her problems in class, Sally runs away from her brother (‘He-he looks exactly like my dead brother… Oh, it’s too much’) and Jan sees her through window and gets out of school by crying (‘What I heel I feel, taking advantage of Ms Robbins’ feelings like that’) Sally is amazed that they can just buy stuff at supermarket (‘We need permits and coupons, all sorts of things’), Jan and Sally come up with plan and tell her mum Sally’s family is taking her on holiday with them and return to the Sentinels, find guards tied up and someone shines bright light at them.
Page 7

Napoleon Comes Home... (Beasts)
Amy’s dog dies and she is distraught but then begins to see him and play with him again, parents are worried and don’t believe her (despite seeing paw prints on floor and indent in her bed) and then one night see and hear him barking in garden to warn them house is on fire and he drags her father out (‘Who can say what they saw through all that smoke in the darkness? They could be sure of only one thing… he was safe.’)
Page 12

Twist Of Fate (Beasts)
Jan in grip of giant python in jungle, flashback to previously her dad telling her about animals when plane they are on crashes and she wanders away from the wreck confused and cold, until caught by giant python but he just holds her gently ‘Keeping Jan warm and safe. She would stay there until the search party came. And she would be saved.’
Page 16

The Salamander Girl:Part 4
Arab presents Salah with knife, she is ‘Like a kind of sun princess’, her act is a success and Carmen is jealous and throws her salamander on the ground to be crushed by donkey, Salah is angry and curses her to ‘Burn! Burn in flames of torment!’
Page 18

Miss T:Part 8
Page 23

Paint It Black:Part 8
Maggie’s father forces her to paint more, she does two more paintings (family scenes, only one with Maria in) but doesn’t find out much, pretends to be asleep that evening so he will let her rest and climbs out of window to go and break into Croxton Hall.
Page 24

Moonchild:Part 8
Rosemary goes back with Dawn to watch TV thinks there is someone following, helps her brother with his toys which have run out of batteries but senses another power moving them (they trip up Dawn), next day Dawn tries to back out as Rosemary ‘gives me the creeps’ but Norma won’t allow it, Mrs Black arrives at the school in long black cape.
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