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Misty Issue 79

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Winner Loses All!

Date:August 11th, 1979

Dead Man's Eyes
Glenda at posh school for girls on archeological dig, bored, finds skull of prophet El Urah with power to see future in his eyes, she sees future of her friend Cheryl’s accident in it but doesn’t warn her to see if it is true, then uses it more despite warnings and steals it, inherits curse as part of prophecy and future is now seen in her eyes.
Page 3

Miss T:Part 79
Page 7

Wolf Girl:Part 15
Lona takes in baby despite knowing it isn’t fair (‘I-I’m nothing but a misfit, not knowing where I belong. The baby might grow up feeling the same way.’), very happy for weeks, go rowing and boat starts to leak placing them in danger.
Page 8

Spitting Image
Princess Rebecca is vain and jealous of her servant who is growing more beautiful after an artist paints her portrait, she imprisons him and he draws a ugly portrait of her (‘I can paint only what I see’) for which he is tortured, but Sarah rescues him and they escape and Rebecca ends up looking like her hideous portrait (‘I could see only cruelty and ugliness – and, in truth, that is what I had to portray!’)
Page 12

Winner Loses All!:Part 2
Sarah realises Dayville is the Devil [splash page of demons before he returns to entrepreneur ‘Puts people off. Not good for business.’], he gives her a free trial and when she gets home her dad is sober and they are given horse Satan (inn sign now blank) and a new house to stay in. She has a dream that night (cover image nightmare) and when she wakes up the horse is back on the inn sign and her dad is drunk again.
Page 18

The Loving Cup:Part 10
Lucy has a number of visions and follows call of ghostly ancestor, walks through a wooden door and ends up trapped in boarded-up old folly [good use of white/black contrast].
Page 22

A Peasant Girl's Revenge! (True Ghost)
Marie Lebrun, peasant at time of Joan of Arc, killed in black arts sacrifice and haunted her killer until he died.
Page 28

The Governess
Mary Connaught employed as governess for little Audrey who seems perfect, but she finds her looking out of window at figure of woman in forest during night and next day Audrey tricks her and locks her in cellar with another previous governess who explains she wants her old governess back who died 6 months ago – final panel demonic Audrey and ghostly/zombie governess ‘You can come back now Miss Phelps – I’ll have no other governess but you – ever!’
Page 29