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Misty Issue 78

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Winner Loses All!

Date:August 4th, 1979

The Gravedigger's Daughter
Katey is teased and bullied because her dad is gravedigger, she hides and catches pneumonia and dies, main bully is forced to go and put flowers on grave but is not sorry, hand comes out and holds her there she is found dead of fright in morning (Carrie similarity?).
Page 3

Winner Loses All!
Sandy helps out her drunk Dad at stables so he won’t lose his job, hides out in ruins of old inn to escape pity, Mr Dayville offers her a deal – her father restored, a beautiful home, the Worthing cup – in exchange for her soul (he smokes cigar).
Page 7

The Missing Piece
Freda is jealous of the attention her cousin Joan (invalid) gets, her father gives her jigsaw made of a ‘special’ sandalwood ‘I picked up in India’ so she steals a piece and throws it out of window, Joan falls down stairs (dead?) and uncle runs over piece in car, damaging? Removing? her face (unshown) – bad end for everyone!!
Page 11

Wolf Girl:Part 14
Warrior and the pack save Lona, then they find a plane crash and a baby.
Page 18

Sweet Tooth
Caroline loves sweets and skips dental apt, then gets very bad toothache and taken to creepy dentist who gives her ‘teeth that will last for evermore’ and bites her ‘now she had a far more sinister taste to satisfy’ and pic of her showing fangs (again seems quite undeserved!!)
Page 22

The Loving Cup:Part 9
Lucy dreams she is stuck in place of statue then comes back to reality and Trisha prevents her from smashing cup. Take it to sell to the Borgias and explore garden where Lucy finds building like in her dream.
Page 29