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Misty Issue 77

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The Forest

Date:July 28th, 1979

The Monster Of Lavender Lagoon
Chrissie and family stop in caravan near Lavender Lagoon ‘once a much-loved beauty spot, now it is forgotten, deserted. A new factory has pumped its waste into the once-scented waters…’ EC-style heavy narration ‘It is your pollution, Jameson, that poisoned Lavender Lagoon. Pollution that begins to bubble and heave at midnight’ owner refuses to help look for her, monster arises from water at midnight, attacks him with own pollution and his secretary finds him (unseen, scream!) and Chrissie is returned to normal and lagoon is clean once more.
Page 2

Life With The Gregorys
Annabel is neglected by parents and left with mean nanny, she decides to vanish into world of her doll house (the Gregory family).
Page 7

The Forest
Lorna ignores her dad and accidentally sets a forest fire which she doesn’t own up to, becomes cursed and every plant she passes dies, people say she’s a witch and animals hate her – wakes up and it is all a dream and she realises she must appreciate it.
Page 11

Wolf Girl:Part 13
Lona calls for help after being shot but no one comes ‘The wolves have deserted me. The humans have run off and I’m on my own.’ Goes to cottage and asks for help but lady is afraid and won’t let her in, pack is stalking and Warrior waiting for her to die so he can be leader ‘The wolves have gone – the humans are scared of me. I-I’m completely alone!’ and she faints [nice page layout parallel panels].
Page 18

House Of Snails
Sally’s dad is trying to breed intelligent snails and everyone teases her so she smashes up his work and makes it look like vandals, the snails trip her into coal cellar and immerse her. Policeman tells her father to accept the worst and he remains convinced of their intelligence but with no idea what has happened. (‘They’re all I’ve got left now Sally’s gone. Doubt I’ll start up my experiments though.’) Utterly bleak.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 77
Page 28

The Loving Cup:Part 8
Lucy has lipstick all over hands and realises she must have written on mirror, man called Borgia wants to buy the cup, she has dream she is turned into a statue and put in place of her ancestor.
Page 29