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Misty Issue 76

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Date With Death

Date:July 21st, 1979

Date With Death
Bea and friend rob old antiques shop forcing owner to help them, he gives them calendar along with loot and their days are literally numbered and they disappear into illustration on it (very realistic/shadowy art).
Page 3

The Loving Cup:Part 7
Uncle helps Lucy let go of cup and she resolves to sell it to help him with money. Bad dreams that night and wakes up to see ‘BORGIA’ scrawled on mirror in blood red.
Page 7

Wolf Girl:Part 12
Lona defeats Warrior with fire but he calls the other wolves out to hunt when she is asleep, she goes after them and is shot by hunters.
Page 14

Nightmare Academy:Part 12
Miss N distracted as Fiona poisons her dogs, they escape, find kids at school ‘in suspended animation, hypnotised and drugged!’ Sharon finds Yvonne and Miss N chases them but is crushed by portcullis (Sharon hides her face ‘Horrible. I only wanted to stop her following!’) and then daylight kills her. Schoolkids remember nothing and Sharon is sent back home.
Page 18

The Devil's Pipe
Debbie on holiday in Cornwall finds old pipe with metal detector, blows it despite warnings, in night hypnotised and calls up skeletons etc. cousin Liz follows her and grabs pipe and throws it into the sea.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 76
Page 28

The Writing On The Wall
Selfish Karen ruins her wallpaper drawing on it after she sees a creepy man outside painting ‘the writing’s on the wall’ – steals new paper with slogans on it from market stall and leaves her dad to put it up – when she wakes the next morning she is covered with the same writing ‘It won’t wash off…!’ ‘Of course it won’t, Karen – but you've lived such a selfish life you couldn’t see the writing on the wall!’
Page 29