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Misty Issue 74

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A Night Of Terror!

Date:July 7th, 1979

A Night Of Terror!
Lois unimpressed with waxworld at fair, steals magnifying glass, everything she looks at melts like wax, she returns it and he reveals it is his candles that have caused melting not the glass – blows out the third one which is of herself just in time.
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The Loving Cup:Part 5
Lucy has nightmares about it poisoning people, uncle agrees to put cup in the bank, she goes horseriding and nearly falls but saved by relative from her dream who says she must finish her work.
Page 7

Wolf Girl:Part 10
Lona releases wolves from zoo and they eventually follow her despite mistrust from leader (‘I –I don’t fit in with them…and I’m out of place at home with my parents. I’m just a misfit!’). They all hide in cave when a family sets up camp outside and Lona realises she must control wolves to prevent them from attacking (‘These have been imprisoned in that wildlife park. They hate humans and all that they stand for!’)
Page 14

Nightmare Academy:Part 10
Sharon caught exploring stables taken on breakneck carriage ride by Miss Nocturne, slips and cuts head, Miss Nocturne bathes it in river (‘You must not bleed. Not yet.’) and Sharon realises Miss Nocturne has no reflection (‘She’s a vampire all right’), tries to escape pursued by dogs.
Page 18

So You Want To Be A Star
Ambitious Angie makes a deal with strange lady to record a pop song (‘I’m sellin’ my soul to you…’) and is a success, abandons her friends (‘her secretary said Miss Richmond was only interested in fans who pay their way…!’) seeks permission for song to go on tour which is denied – lady erases angie along with the tape (uses medium to show her fade away) (bit undeserved??)
Page 22

Miss T:Part 74
Page 28

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Londoners Sharon and Lina have robbed shopkeeper (instant immersion in story, this told through dialogue) and stop at old lady’s cottage, intend to rob her but end up drugged and fed to her roses (‘Old Rosie always gives her roses what they like…a nice helping of blood and bones.’) revealed she has been dead and gone for many years but new roses found by side of road.
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