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Misty Issue 73

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Looking For Something Special...

Date:June 30th, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 9
Yvonne is ‘Like somebody who has been hypnotised…!’ and with super-strength; Fiona tells Sharon she has become a ‘watcher’ who guards place in daylight. Sharon gives Fiona letter for her dad to post and she and Yvonne (who is watching her) discover antique coach, Miss Nocturne then appears and takes Sharon for a ride in it (‘It’s – it’s so icily cold in here.’)
Page 3

The Loving Cup:Part 4
[Strange apparition breaks fourth wall to stare at us] Lucy goes to school with Trish and in needlework project puts on period Italian dress has another vision of herself poisoning a man and starts to laugh maniacally (‘Perish all those who seek to cross me…!’)
Page 7

Looking For Something Special...
Narrated by girl who just wants to be loved, found on beach and taken home by old couple, but they insist on calling dr and she returns to just a pile of sand (‘Unloved, unwanted now… / … just sand once again. / Think of us, beneath your feet. Tiny, separate grains. Liked so briefly and then deserted… / And yet we so nearly found it – love!’
Page 14

Sharp Lesson
Fay, Anne and Carina taunt a glassblower and smash up his shop, he makes glass effigies of them that night and they all have same strange fever (burning as the glass burns – horror panel) they go back and smash the effigies and shatter themselves (Anne tries to stop others but drops hers in panic as he appears).
Page 18

The Nightwatchman
Mandy is a bad girl at school and steals in spare time, meets old nightwatchman who says he will see her soon, next day near miss hit by car and spends day thieving and planning to run away to London, in evening sits with watchman and sees in his flames that she was hit by car earlier that day and begs for another chance as he turns into devil, last panel shows doctor saying she will live and policeman that maybe she will behave herself from now on.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 73
Page 28

Wolf Girl:Part 9
Lona hides out in cave, gets back to wolf habits e.g. lapping water, but realises she can’t kill (rabbit), next day is misty and feels completely alone, howls and finds wolves in zoo and releases them (‘I hate human locks and bolts!’).
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