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Misty Issue 72

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The Story Of - Little Wytching

Date:June 23rd, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 8
Sharon wonders if she is being too suspicious, but then hears Yvonne has been ‘sent for’ and resolves to find out what happened to her, meets Fiona and learns how to operate portcullis (dangerous!) then bumps into Yvonne (face hidden).
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The Loving Cup:Part 3
Trisha realises the money is from her Dad’s safe but they put it back and she decides to forgive Lucy and try and understand why she might steal. Introduces her to her friends but Lucy is nervous (‘I… I don’t want to be left alone with them!’) and goes to get drinks has vision of ancestor and cup saying she has awakened her by getting Trisha to drink and can have riches [good merged splash page of crazy shaped panels] vows cup will never leave safe.
Page 7

The Story Of - Little Wytching
Jenny told legend of Old Meg (witch burnt at stake), disbelieves it but Meg is watching her, then accidentally burnt to death again by kids playing with matches who set house on fire (‘Years ago, the craft shop sold little hand-made peg doll witches on broomsticks, lovingly made by the local gypsies. Now they were all mass-produced in Hong Kong or Taiwan’).
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A Stain On Her Character
Alison cheats in exams because she can’t write fast enough, ghostly teacher appears and gives her pen that allows her to write faster but she still cheats, pen leaks and she is warned, nib breaks and she ends up covered with ink that will not wash off (‘Alison’s school enjoyed a 300 year old reputation of character-building … and its founder, although long dead, would never allow that reputation to be tarnished by a cheat’).
Page 14

One Last Wish
Orphan in historical France finds genie bottle and makes wishes to be richer and more powerful, changes places with old woman (tricked) and then Marquis and then Queen but each time refuses to free him. At end she is guillotined as Marie Antoinette (bottle is found broken and he escapes) and story ends on question ‘History tells us how Marie Antoinette kept her appointment with the guillotine. / But no-one knows what became of the genie!’
Page 18

Living Doll
Barbie is bored watching TV and dreams about living dolls from advert then thinks she sees one at window (‘what does it want with me? Why is it haunting me?’), goes out to help friend with some sewing and encounters doll again realises she wants her to help her owner, little girl who has fallen in river who she saves
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Miss T:Part 72
Page 28

Wolf Girl:Part 8
Lona is taken home by her friend, store detective and police, neighbours are talking, parents decide to take her to Aunt’s in Scotland for holiday, scenery makes her feel nostalgic for wolf childhood and she climbs out of train and runs – then worries if she will survive on her own.
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