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Misty Issue 71

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The Long Ride Of Laura Rogers...

Date:June 16th, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 7
Sharon has nightmare of coffin and Miss Nocturne (with fangs) telling her she is undead and Sharon must join them by way of blood, wakes to find herself trapped in dungeon and gets Fiona to take a note to her father to help her escape, but it is Miss Nocturne who returns to let her out.
Page 3

The Loving Cup:Part 2
Lucy offers to help in shop, the family find Trisha unconscious but bring her round, uncle insists the cup go in his safe where Lucy sees shop’s takings, that night has odd dream of woman telling her to use the cup and when she comes round finds cash in her dress pocket from wardrobe.
Page 7

The Corrie
1st person story – climber goes back for jacket in the mist/dark and hears eerie noises then falls – when she is found sees the prints of huge webbed feet all around.
Page 12

The Long Ride Of Laura Rogers...
Laura is crippled from fall as a child but works in stables, asks to nurse deformed foal that is born, exercises it only at night and eventually ‘shady characters attracted to racing’ come to steal it and she rides it off into the sky – eventually lands and sets it free and begins long walk home having found that her leg now works.
Page 14

Fancy Another Jelly Baby?
Gillian is addicted to eating jelly babies from Mr Black’s local shop and then notices that they look like children who have disappeared, she goes to investigate his shop but is caught and put into sweet making machine – wakes up to find that although that was just a dream ‘Mum says, if I keep eating so many I’ll turn… into one – aaaaargh! Aaaaaargh!’
Page 18

Hilary goes to meet her mum at museum where she is cleaner, investigates noise caused by Drs attempt to dissect mummy – it comes alive but then crumbles into dust when it realises its true love has also died, tells mum but she doesn’t believe (arrows used for direction and clumsy ending).
Page 22

Miss T:Part 71
Page 28

Wolf Girl:Part 7
Lona runs away after attacking the chickens and remembers wolf lessons to swim across water to disguise her scent, panics in town [‘Courtier’ branding? K/Rosta?] hides in lift and then finds rack of fur coats and curls up in one until is discovered.
Page 29