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Misty Issue 70

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Date:June 9th, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 6
Sharon writes a desperate letter to parents but its confiscated and taken to head. She threatens to burn letter from her parents so Sharon tells her suspicions, Miss Nocturne blames it on anaemia and makes her drink a tonic, Sharon feels herself falling and sees Miss Nocturne turn into a bat.
Page 3

The Loving Cup
Italy, Lucy’s mother dies and gives her the cup, she is taken to England to be adopted by father’s relatives who have ‘The biggest hearts in Lamptown’, Lucy gets on well with them and cousin Trish and decides to seal their friendship by drinking from the cup together – Trish drinks and collapses for a nap, Lucy has a feeling she shouldn’t and starts to feel doubt about using the cup.
Page 7

Miss T:Part 70
Page 13

Sara on holiday is bored and goes to disco with Paul, travelling across moors despite ‘Just daft tales – about vampires and werewolves, stuff like that. None of us young ones believe that rubbish – all we want to do is have a good time!’ On way home they stop to pick wolfsbane flowers which he tells her show it is time for werewolves to come out and she sees his hairy hand and face and runs off on his bike back to town, goes to disco and Stella opens door and she tells her story, Stella reveals she is Paul's sister and a werewolf too.
Page 14

Marble Jaws
Trisha and Mary move into new house and explore mausoleum, Trisha gets locked inside and when Mary opens door she asks why she didn’t come sooner and who the old couple outside are. Mary explains ‘That happened forty years ago Trisha. I was knocked over by Daddy’s car when I ran to get help for you. […] But now we’re together again … for always!’
Page 18

Who Killed Teacher?
Mandy complains for always being kept behind in school and starts trying to scare her teacher as revenge. Teacher runs in front of car and is hit, Mandy tells friend Grace what she has done and Grace reveals Mrs Prendergast was a witch and had been teaching her – she swaps their bodies ‘at the exact moment of death’ saving Mrs Prendergast and killing Mandy.
Page 22

Wolf Girl:Part 6
Partygoers call cops as howling might be werewolves and they can’t find Lona, cops bring her back in. She decides to immerse herself in friends and to ‘forget all this wolf nonsense’ and she and Jinny join community service scheme to help out but when feeding hens she reverts to instinct and tries to kill one.
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