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Misty Issue 7

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Paint It Black

Date:March 18th, 1978

Paint It Black:Part 7
Maggie and Sue go to see Mr Thursby at Croxton Hall who seems friendly but he excuses himself seeming afraid and then has maid throw them out when they ask about paintings, Maggie sees him watching them from window and resolves to get in and see paintings, she tries to explain to Sue but she doesn’t believe her, when she gets home her Dad locks her in and makes her paint and Maggie realises Maria may be trying to tell her something through the paintings.
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The Cult Of The Cat:Part 7
Nicola is in trance at party and sees herself in Egypt, talks to Charmian who tells her not to resist (‘No, no, go away. Keep out of my head. I hate your gods and your cats.’), friends wake her and tell her to rest but she decides to go home, Shep the dog is growling at her, and on way home she realises he is chasing her, springs like a cat onto wire fence but wonders if she will be able to hang on.
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The Haunting (Nightmare)
Val and Fi hiding in old grounds from Alice who is a pain, then Bess jumps out and scares them and says she can show them round sometime, they decide to scare Alice out of wanting to join their gang by daring her to spend an hour at old house and scaring her while she is there, Bess reappears and they explain their plan and leave Alice in a room, when Bess reveals she is the ghost (lots of shadows, standing in mid-air) and they run screaming as she reaches out for Alice.
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Miss T:Part 7
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The Salamander Girl:Part 3
Salah discovers glowing eyes are salamanders, her friends, one attaches itself to her wrist like a bracelet, meet rest of troop and spotted by a ‘desert Arab’ who takes news to his tribe, practises her act and everyone is mesmerised, Arab is from ‘People of the Black Tents’ and appears to attack her with ‘The ancient dagger of the salamander’.
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Room For Dreams
Janey moved into attic to sleep while her uncle stays with her and mother, bad dreams of accidents e.g. train crash, horses falling in races that then happen, uncle decides to make money from this (horse dreams, competitions in newspaper) and insists she must sleep in the attic despite mother’s objections, gets violent, next day she tells him she has seen him burn to death after falling asleep reading paper and dropping it in fire, and he runs away (which is what she really dreamt) (‘Did I do it all right, mum?’)
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The Sentinels:Part 7
Jan and Sally picked up by cops who think they are running away, Sally manages to evade her other self but is punished by parents so she is confused in school next day and asks Jan about it all; Sally-from-Nazi world bumps into real-world version of her brother Terry who is reporter looking for a scoop on the case.
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Moonchild:Part 7
Doctor tests Rosemary and tells her it is telekinesis and he wants to do more experiments but Nurse stops him; she tells Anne (‘Guess what I’ve got? Telekinesis! Sounds awful, doesn’t it?’), Dawn and Norma have another meeting (‘Rosemary deserves to be hurt for being so weird’) and continue with plan, taking Anne flowers which convinces her, and walking Rosemary home.
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