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Misty Issue 69

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Catch Me If You Can...

Date:June 2nd, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 5
Sharon sees coach drive off, Rowena catches her (cold hands, strong grip) and tells her place may be haunted by vengeful spirits, takes her to forbidden vault to scare her, then to dinner where Yvonne tells her that the staff and prefects don’t eat and sometimes students are ‘sent for’ to join them. Miss Nocturne announces that the following girls have been sent for.
Page 3

A Room Of Her Own
Lorna moves in with new family but has to share room with Joan which annoys her and she starts trying to scare her, which works so well Lorna runs off in fear one night and dies falling into swamp – and returns to haunt Joan ‘You’ll never be alone again!’
Page 7

Catch Me If You Can...
Jilly takes short cut and meets Vicky who teases her, gets home OK but cannot see her at school so goes back to wood, discovers Vicky is a ghost and ends with Vicky chasing her (‘Sobbing and stumbling, Jilly fled as if her life depended on it… as perhaps it did…’ (final panel of Vicky looming, Jilly crying).
Page 12

The Hag Of Hattersley Hall
Gives alternate story to legend where housekeeper rather than thieves kill and rob her master ‘Marie was pleased that she could leave those questions unanswered’.
Page 18

The Devil's Dummy
Deirdre and Pam go to ventriloquist’s show and he makes a fool of Deirdre. Months later announces his retirement and buries dummy they go to dig it up and it shouts ‘THIEF!’ at them, they escape but Pam goes back and encounters ventriloquist who tells her dummy is possessed with soul of a vampire and story ends with possessed Deirdre calling for her boyfriend as he has bitten her.
Page 20

Wolf Girl:Part 5
Lona howls with the wolves and later at home decides ‘they’re prisoners but at least I’m free’ then overhears her parents locking her in, next day at school declines invite to noisy party but relents when she’s teased for being a ‘lone wolf’, goes to the party but too loud and crowded and escapes outside to howl and dig in the earth.
Page 29