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Misty Issue 68

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Welcome Home

Date:May 26th, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 4
Bats fly off and Miss Nocturne appears on roof and catches her, sets her to scrubbing the kitchen with guard dog. Sharon muses ‘She seems perfectly reasonable. Maybe a bit eccentric, but sort of … creepy, too!’ Yvonne brings her cake later and Sharon escapes from room and see Miss Nocturne go off in a carriage.
Page 3

Cry Baby!
Catherine is adopted and constantly teased by her older sister Sarah which makes her cry, her tears drop in a wishing well and she gets one wish, next day she says ‘I wish you knew’ [what it was like to be cry baby] and Sarah is transformed into a crying baby.
Page 7

Miss T:Part 68
Page 12

Wolf Girl:Part 4
Lona scares off dogs and almost turns on her friend Jinny, goes to zoo to test her theory and wolves flock to her ‘It’s undeniable, horrible proof that I’m more wolf than girl!’ [Lots of grid layouts in this episode].
Page 14

The Collector (a)
2nd person narration – haunted postbox traps people inside, then is torn down for town redevelopment and new post office, releasing them all.
Page 18

The Disembodied
Olivia sees old book on display on class trip and rips a page of black spells out of it, realises that night she can read it an summons up spirits of three teachers to give her all the test answers, but she gets greedy and keeps them too long past dawn. Discovers at breakfast that teachers have died because of this and has left the spirits disembodied and they continue to haunt her giving her more answers until head full to bursting (jagged panels, scary ghosts).
Page 22

Welcome Home
‘From the beginning there was something wrong with Linda … something different about her!’, obsessed with fires and burns down warehouse, dog helps her escape and leads her into cave where she meets the devil who takes her into hell.
Page 28