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Misty Issue 67

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Nightmare Academy

Wolf Girl

Date:May 19th, 1979

Perfect Specimen
Gail desperately wants a good fossil tries to steal one from museum, climbs tree and gets covered in sap like amber but this then revealed to be a dream, ultimately sneaks away and finds ammonite, but ends up trapped in ice – being viewed by futuristic creatures at end using same dialogue as her at start ‘To think that primitive creatures like this, teeming millions of them, were once masters of the earth!’
Page 3

Twin Catastrophes
Lita and Nita twins in coach swept away over cliff and assumed Nita is dead then wild girl captured and recognised as her; Lita sees her sneak out one night and revealed she is werewolf (transforming sequence of panels) – kills/bites Lita who becomes werewolf herself? (fangs shown on last picture)
Page 9

Wolf Girl:Part 3
Parents reassure Lona (‘It’s just teenage blues. Most kids go through a time of feeling unsettled. It passes!’ and she tries to keep busy but catches herself gnawing chop bone at school lunch and panics. Jinny reassures her but on way home guarddogs at scrapyard bark at her (no sound just shown in posture) and she panics all over again.
Page 14

Miss T:Part 67
Page 18

Seal Rock
First-person story of daughter who discovers her mother was a seal tricked by her father (hidden her sealskin) and wants her to rejoin them – runs away to nearby cottage then owner notices her fingers now joined by thin web of skin.
Page 20

Forever Winter...
Stella wishes for it to continue snowing and it does – but only she can see it (panels showing her point of view, e.g. seeing her family as snowmen), people get tired of her ‘joke’ and her snow world becomes ‘dull and grey’ then she finds a dead bird and cries which melts the snow and ice ‘they belong in their proper place and I’ll never forget that – never again!’’
Page 22

Nightmare Academy:Part 3
Sharon is sent to bed, wakes up at midday and goes looking for food, finds gravestone with headgirl’s name on it, meets caretaker’s daughter Fiona who mysteriously disappears, Sharon hides from head then follows her into old chapel, but only finds bats.
Page 28