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Misty Issue 66

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Nightmare Academy

Date:May 12th, 1979

Nightmare Academy:Part 2
Head (Miss Nocturne) confiscates Sharon’s mirror and she discovers they all sleep by day and have classes at night (dogs called Belial, Baal and Mordred), sees something moving out of window but can’t stay awake in class.
Page 3

One Bite Of The Apple...
Twins Gloria and Gwendolyn are violent and mean to everyone in village (in past), gypsy tells them of old forest with giant fruit and apples that let you transform into any creature you wish, they ignore warnings and eat fruit after darkness and turn into apples and she picks them up to put in a pie (movie gremlins?)
Page 7

One Hour In Time
Horrible Laura is a model and trets everyone like dirt, pushes over an old woman selling beads who puts a curse on her (‘You stupid old hag […] let her grovel in the dirt where she belongs’), Laura thinks it has not worked but has forgotten that she didn’t need to set her watch back as on British Summertime – curse works and she ages, withers and dies in final panel.
Page 11

Wolf Girl:Part 2
Lona howls at moon when she feels alone and sad which worries her parents (‘I love my parents so much, but sometimes I feel I’m growing further apart from them each day’) then loses temper and attacks male school bullies with growls (‘scared of all these new feelings and emotions boiling up inside me’), goes home and overhears mum talking about her history and thinks her wolf instincts are taking over.
Page 16

A Friend In Need (a)
Marla’s grandfather planted old elm tree near their house and various events show it looking out for her, ultimately it crashes to ground preventing lorry with failed brakes from hitting her ‘I know you did it for me, Elm… no matter what others may say… you were my friend to the last!’
Page 20

Miss T:Part 66
Page 24

Don't Look Twice:Part 10
Sammy faints in shock at seeing her double, Karen alerts her parents and brings them along, when Sammy wakes up she is told this is her twin Jane who has been through the shipwreck etc and lost their parents in it and has been treated at the clinic ever since. Sammy’s parents didn’t tell her she was adopted due to irregular process, and doctor agrees to let Jane go with them and regularise both adoptions.
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