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Misty Issue 65

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Wolf Girl

Date:May 5th, 1979

Wolf Girl
‘Somewhere in eastern Europe’ a wolf cub dies as mother has to move it from hunters while too young, ‘British university lecturer and wife killed in wolf country’ when their car crashes in road and baby ‘protected by her shawl’ survives and is rescued by wolf. Wolf ages and child crawls away and is found by troops on military exercise and taken to home for orphans ‘It’s going to be no easy task, to tame the wolf-girl! Is there really any hope of a decent future for her?’
Page 3

The Evil Djinn
Kitty saves a genie from choking and gets some cursed wishes (sister dies and gets money, then sister lives but is invalid) but outwits her ultimately with third wish by wishing she had never met her.
Page 8

An Eye For An Eye...
Slave Esther has a cruel mistress who captures leopards and treats them badly and kills one for skin, takes the other to Rome but the leopard roars and attracts attention of Arab pirates on a Dhow (African ship) who take them prisoner and release the leopard, Livia ends up sold as a slave.
Page 12

Don't Look Twice:Part 9
Sammy and Karen encounter professor from her nightmares and run away, Sammy falls and hits head, and sees herself from inside barred window, wakes up and goes home, then sneaks out and breaks into Beraham Hall grounds and finds window – with herself inside.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 65
Page 27

Nightmare Academy
[Big splash page start] Sharon goes to boarding school when father gets oil job in UAE, gets train there but nobody to meet her at station, walks to the school but finds it deserted except for angry dogs (‘What horrible creatures…!’) and then meets mysterious teacher.
Page 28