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Misty Issue 64

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Run, Rabbit, Run!

Date:April 28th, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 12
Nicola saves Charmian with mongoose and finds out statues all alive again now serpent is dead, Charmian takes her to temple where serpent king doublecrosses the Oracle and is destroyed by beetles, Nicola restores temple to former glory and gains allegiance of Oracle; she is returned home until Bast has need for her again.
Page 3

At The End Of The Rainbow
Sisters Karen and Lisa always fighting then find themselves at end of rainbow and able to see beauty and rainbows in everything and forgive each other; fairy? character thus proves self worthy of painting a rainbow
Page 8

Run, Rabbit, Run!
Emily is called rabbit and bullied at school, saves a wild rabbit from snare and finally stands up for self, rabbits calls friends and they terrify the bully and she realises she is not afraid any more
Page 12

To See A Vampire!
Karen and Eric (brother?) scared by vampire film, he accidentally kills one in graveyard with choc-ice stick (nice debunking in second paragraph).
Page 20

Don't Look Twice:Part 8
Karen and Sammy find chalk bear and the hall from her dreams and nearly run over by professor.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 64
Page 27

Mr. Walenski's Secret...
Postwar London (chad graffiti!) mr w is a new neighbour for molly and family, she thinks he is a spy and goes through his stuff but finds only that he has lost his daughter and was in a concentration camp for 5 years, cries ‘Now you know my secret – and now just leave me alone to find what peace I can!’ ‘His secret in the box…just the remnants of his tragic life…!’
Page 28