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Misty Issue 63

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The Wicker Basket

Date:April 21st, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 11
Beetles invade the school, Charmian saves Nicola and turns Ravala’s snake to stone with its reflection in bucket of water but Ravala steals cloak and turns into giant cobra.
Page 3

Rogue Star (Nightmare)
A rogue star is heating earth's atmosphere to point of death, Tina then comes out of anaesthetic and realises this was just a dream, but story ends with newsvendor putting up poster ‘Rogue Star’s change of orbit makes no difference to earth’s climate says scientists’ ‘But scientists can be wrong – was the nightmare only just beginning…?’ ref environment?
Page 8

The Dream House
Angie has dreams of herself crying in strange house, psychiatrist says because she is worried about father’s health and her future, they buy an identical house for cheap because it is haunted, after she realises she is the ghost and he will get better ‘Thank you, house You’ve made my dream come true…to help Dad get better…!’ interesting ref psychology
Page 12

The Wicker Basket
Eliza robs her employer as she thinks she keeps her money in basket and attempts to rob her, but is terrified by what she sees in there and dies of a heart attack (‘My precious’ ref LOTR?)
Page 16

Miss T:Part 63
Page 20

Don't Look Twice:Part 7
Sammy and family go on holiday looking for chalk bear, there is something they aren’t telling her re memory loss in her past.
Page 22

Uncle's Nasty Hobby...
Family inherit house from Uncle Gregory, venture into basement and are turned into miniatures in weather vane houses ‘Help – help us someone, please…!’
Page 28