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Misty Issue 62

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The Choice Of Silence

Date:April 14th, 1979

Violets In The Moonlight
Sir Mortimer sends away a starving child who has travelled far with a letter for him, saying he will only feed her if she picks violets for the ladies at his dinner, she dies in woods and it is revealed is his daughter, he is haunted/unhinged by this and walks the woods shouting for peace.
Page 3

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 10
Nicola transforms into a cat and fights snake but loses, but is saved by Charmian as a horse just in time, Serpent King needs help of Oracle of Scarab when he discovers they have escaped again.
Page 8

Finder's Creepers
Wicked Amanda sent by judge to country to live with Aunt, finds necklace and grows butterfly wings and creates more trouble, won’t give it back and is punished by being turned into a caterpillar ‘Heeeee...eeeeelp me, someone!’ beautiful pictures of wings.
Page 12

The Choice Of Silence
Deaf Amy makes bargain to free evil Egyptian mummy but then changes mind and burns him – ends with her deaf but no longer sad, feels ‘a small flame of pride’.
Page 16

Miss T:Part 62
Page 21

Don't Look Twice:Part 6
Sammy has marks on her arm from needle in hospital dream, decides to try and track it down while on holiday with parents, ends ‘Wouldn’t it be absolutely awful, mum? To wake up and not know who you really are!’ as her mum looks shocked.
Page 22

The Uglies
Vain Mandy wins another beauty pageant and gloats, when walking out that evening comes across and ugly pageant, they tell her people can be beautiful on inside and she agrees to change her ways and leave, but then they reveal ‘you can’t go’ and that they are ‘even uglier’ on the inside ‘And Mandy screamed again, long and lingering, but no-one heard, no-one at all!’
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