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Misty Issue 61

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The Nine Lives Of Nicola

Date:April 7th, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 9
Head interrupts saving Nicola from Ravala. Charmian gets cloak of night so can turn into any animal. Cobra King pretends to share power with the Oracle in exchange for her help but plans to trick her.
Page 3

Prisoner In The Attic
Miss Michaels goes to clear out her attic and meets strange woman who claims all the stuff is hers – suffragette, war nurse, but forgot her ideals and sold out, turns out she is same person and miss m has died a week ago clearing out the attic ‘which one of us will they remember, do you think?’ ‘you’re no longer a prisoner in the attic. Perhaps – perhaps it will be you. The young girl I was so long ago!’
Page 8

Mirror Mirror On The Wall... (Nightmare)
Sally and family move into new house with locked room with mirror, bad feeling, toby her dog dies when locked in that room, then sally’s reflection comes alive and grabs her, tries to swap with places but sally smashes the mirror and escapes ‘Every time I look in another mirror I’ll shiver… and wonder if she’s still there and waiting!’
Page 12

The Fourth Swan
Girl hides her baby with a swan and drowns while being pursued as a witch, couple find her and raise her until she is captured and taken to work in castle, when trying to escape guards realise she is same baby and try to burn her but three swans come and save her and she is turned into one.
Page 16

Don't Look Twice:Part 5
Sammy’s doctor suggests a psychiatrist if she has more dreams and she begins to dream of being locked in an asylum (sees chalk bear on hillside) but doesn’t tell her parents.
Page 22

The White Bird
Lucy is ill and white bird flies into her room, a bad omen but family decide to keep it and she begins to recover, one day scary man comes to claim the bird but it escapes, drops a single feather which falls onto Lucy; maid reveals man’s name was De’Ath ‘It was then that the white bird’s feather, which up till then had fluttered in the soft zephyr of Lucy’s breath, finally stopped moving!’
Page 28