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Misty Issue 60

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The Curse Of The Wolf

Date:March 31st, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 8
Snake still on the loose, turns Sammy (the Head’s dog) to stone, Nicola tries to use mirror to kill it with own powers but drops it when confronted by Ravala.
Page 3

A Duet For Three Hands
Karen is pressured by her parents into piano exams, wishes for another hand, and one appears but won’t let her stop playing, she crushes it in piano but it is her own hand that ends up damaged so her pianist career is over (happily for her).
Page 8

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 12
Sally in hospital, Linda reveals Sally’s power to scientists who lie about what they will do with it, Sally threatens them that she will use their secrets to destroy her if they don’t leave her alone and they agree and leave, she says she only wants to do good with it. ‘I’ve come to terms with it’ ‘I think that’s as normal as I can ever hope to be…but it’ll do!’
Page 12

The Curse Of The Wolf
Myra and Edith on hiking holiday, ignore villagers’ warnings and set up camp, realise shopkeeper is a werewolf and seek help but turns out curse has spread and villagers barricade themselves in as they are all werewolves ‘you should have left while you had the chance. Now ... you will stay here forever!’
Page 16

Keep Your Fingers Crossed...
Debbie follows superstition slavishly but while doing so (freaking out over peacock feather in her friend’s house) gets run over by a bus – at her funeral cherry wonders if she should defy superstition ‘Still, she’d keep her fingers crossed that nothing would happen on the way home…’
Page 20

Don't Look Twice:Part 4
Sammy nearly dies then wakes up, tells doctor about her dreams and he mentions clairvoyance, and asks for a private word with her parents.
Page 22

Wendy the Witch:Part 13
Rossie steals Wendy's chips. Later when Rossie disguises herself as a monster to scare Wendy, Wendy catches on and magics a real (friendly) monster to scare Rossie
Page 27

The Mark
Camilla has ‘turns’ that make her violent and destructive ever since blemish appears on her face, parents take her to a medium who is a fraud and performs exorcism, which works - medium gets the mark and the possession (angle of panels disguises mark on final page so we don’t realise until last panel) ‘Arrrgh! The demon found a new abode – in me!’
Page 29