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Misty Issue 6

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The Secret Of Lan-Shi...

Date:March 11th, 1978

The Sentinels:Part 6
Jan and family go to Council B&B (‘Don’t like this place’ (kids) ‘You’re lucky to get anything.’) leaving Sally behind, Jan sneaks out after mum has fallen asleep and meets Sally back at Sentinels, which is guarded and Sally has overheard they are going to pull building down.
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 6
Nicola is taken home after passing out, in Egypt the cult of Bast think their spell may have failed, her friends come to visit her and she shows them glowing cats eyes (cat-shaped panel) and they throw a party for her, Laura turns up uninvited and brings a cat mask to tease her which reminds Nicola of Egypt again.
Page 7

The Family (Nightmare)
Judy is teased at new school for her scientist dad being a ‘mad scientist’ like Dr Frankenstein who is making monsters, goes to ask him about it and he reassures her, but next day same teasing and she goes up to his lab to investigate, while her teacher phones town they came from to find out more about them and help Judy make friends, but told they have no child at all – Judy runs down stairs when she hears her Dad coming but slips and final splash panel shows her as a robot (‘Poor Judy. Perhaps she shouldn’t have hunted quite so hard for her father’s… monster?’)
Page 12

The Salamander Girl:Part 2
[colour, panels run across double page] Man sees Salah standing almost in flames from caravan pyre and wants her for his show, she agrees but his daughter Carmen is jealous (‘Dios! It makes me sick to see father buttering up this freak!’) and they sail away (he has to carry her onto boat as she is scared of the water), set up camp and she starts fire and shows off her dancing, but when they go to bed sees glowing eyes all around in the dark.
Page 16

The Secret Of Lan-Shi... (Beasts)
Petra buys her brother Paul a broken mechanical lion from junk shop which he fixes despite note about its roar and claws, (Petra saves spider from death in her atlas), lion scares dog and then warning on radio about dead animals in safari park (fear lion attack), and lion attacks Petra and family, destroying everything in its way then stops dead and spider web has gummed up the works.
Page 18

Miss T:Part 6
Page 22

Paint It Black:Part 6
Maggie has nightmare locked in by bars, wakes and starts new painting, fear of dad who is getting greedier, goes to library at lunchtime and reads up on Thursbys (lost all their money then rich again Maria’s art and bought lots of it back) and decides to go to see Mr Thursby (local MP) to see the paintings.
Page 23

Moonchild:Part 6
Rosemary is waiting for Drs apt, Norma and friends plan for Anne to have a hockey accident, boy teases Rosemary and falls off his skateboard [Carrie ref?], Norma takes Anne out at hockey (unconscious) while Rosemary is at Drs, tests are normal until she sees Anne being brought in and ‘alpha waves are going crazy’ as panels and lab shatter.
Page 28